Where’s the Cake?

Happy Birthday to the Babe. He has just turned 70. He’s healthier than he has been in awhile, and we’re just enjoying a few minutes on the deck, waiting for the cake to finish baking. Originally, I was going to buy one, but that didn’t work out, so we decided to bake one. They had no German Chocolate mixes and frosting, so he went to Red Velvet. It’s our granddaughter’s favorite, so he picked it for her. She’s not too spoiled by Grandpa, you know? I miss those days of going to get ice cream with her. It was always some fun. I bet she’d still go today.

The original time for our gathering was after 3 p.m., but now it’s anytime now. The cake needs to cool a lot before it can be frosted. Oh well, it’ll be fine. Dinner isn’t until later on anyway.

The Babe just shared with me fifty years ago today, he was in Vietnam. He consumed his first legal beer. And he was on countdown. A short-timer. That is quite a memory to have. What a time to remember! I know so many guys got within days of coming home and the unthinkable happens. It continues to happen. Our deepest sympathies for all the families who have had that knock at the door. That letter or telegram. The presentation of the flag from a grateful nation. My heart aches for you and the losses you must still feel today. Gold Star families deserve thoughtfulness and thanks. Say a prayer for them.

I cannot imagine how our Grandma Jewell must have felt, at one time she had three sons, all off to war at once. I know she was a woman of great faith, and I know she prayed continually. I know God was good to her. And I know she, in turn, prayed in thanksgiving. I try to emulate her. I believe in the power of prayer and God. Until she moved from her home in the 90s, a photograph of each of her sons graced a small wall in her living room. All fine men in uniform. Her boys all came home to her. She was fortunate. And so am I. I’m thankful my dad made it home, and the Babe made it home. We wouldn’t meet until we were both in our 40s. We both made it through a lot to get here. Thanks be to God!

And now, the pandemic is here. We are taking precautions and distancing socially, while gradually getting out. Today will be a small family gathering, which we’re looking forward to. The world is waking up and we’re going to live our lives. It would be great for all of us to take the advice above. The world will be better if we love without measure. Our health will be better eating less, and walking twice as much. That said, I’m going to try and implement it. The loving will come easy. I do love people, I love friends, I love meeting new friends. Now to eat better and exercise more. Not a lot to ask of me, I just need to commit. So I will.

Better go frost that Red Velvet Cake. It will be pretty and delicious. Thank you for reading today. Tomorrow, I’ll see you back right here. Take care. Socially distance. Wash your hands. Love your people.

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