Ain’t Technology Grand?

Wow. I know we live in a disposable world. We have an Acer Swift 3 laptop with Windows 10, I think. Maybe 10. When you power up, you just get a black screen. Oops! Gosh, I purchased it when I started writing. I write on my Chromebook, and the Babe uses the other device. I do sometimes. I don’t think it’s had much use at all. Now, to find the warranty papers, if we bought one.

Just thinking back on the devices I’ve owned. I bought my first desktop in 1995. I was finishing my degree, and I could use it to log in at work. Back in those days, it was strictly dial up. And they called you back to connect. Pretty crazy stuff. If you had call waiting, a call coming in would knock you offline for work. Then you dialed up again, they called you back for the connection. Still better than driving to mid-town at 2 a.m. Still frustrating, though.

After that first one, there was a second desktop. Of course it had a Microsoft Operating System, it was probably Windows 95? Don’t remember that either. It was ok as far as Internet searching goes. I believe we had AOL for email. That was a whole new venture. I wasn’t much of a chatter, however. That could turn weird really fast.

My first laptop was right before I had surgery on my foot for a tendon problem. I was looking at eight to twelve weeks on non weight bearing living. It was probably there I really got hooked on Facebook, since I was really busy finding beautiful quilts to make and adding to my fabric collection. It turned into almost six consecutive months of non-weight bearing activity. It was boring day after day. But I could learn quilting techniques from Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company. She and her business literally saved the town of Hamilton, Missouri. I still have yet to drive there, but I sure spent a lot of money there from the confines of my recliner, foot in a cast up to the knee, ice, and trying to figure out how to pass the day. I had a knee scooter, which was good. Crutches wouldn’t work for me. When I had breast cancer the sentinel lymph node they removed was right where the padding from the crutches would go. It would cause lymphedema from the pressure. The woodwork didn’t do too well with the pain pills and knee scooter, but I survived.

That laptop lasted quite awhile. A year later, I fell on the ice and broke the ankle of the foot that had the two surgeries. What great luck! Get that woman a lottery ticket!! Well, the laptop took ill at a later date. The one that replaced it is still running, although slow. I think it’s Windows 7, so it’s obsolete. The Acer was supposed to be last longer than it’s predecessor.

When I worked in the IT arena, we had software programmers (me) and hardware people (the other guys). We couldn’t add software to our desktops at work, blah, blah, blah, otherwise we’d be tsk’d at. At that time, I didn’t even know how to. And now, I can find my way around a network fairly well. And I have learned all that in the past twenty years, since I quit working. I’m amazed at what we have now for technology, and am glad for what I’ve learned. Not bad for a girl, or for a Grandma!!

I love my IT department in Sioux Falls. My brother in law, Brad. We are friends, and when we talk, I realize how much we miss seeing him, Cindy, Alex, Ona, and their families. Just have to start making plans when we can get out and drive. Brad has patiently walked me through a lot of stuff. And I’ve actually taken stuff apart with a screwdriver and installed a new hard drive in the dual backup we have. It required more stuff than I could be walked through, so he fixed it for us. What a great guy.

Anyway, so now it’s deciding what is wrong and what Dan the Computer Man (in Omaha) can do. He takes care of the network at the Post, and he also has private customers. He’s a good guy, too.

I will finish, I will finish, I will finish . . .

As I ponder the mysterious realm of technology, I thank you for reading today. What are some fun things you’ve had happen with your devices? It’s pretty strange, how we are dependent to such a degree. Log off. Wash your hands. Go outside. Socially distance. Wear your mask. Smile with your eyes. See you right back here tomorrow. Be safe!

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