Scorching Saturday

I almost wonder if it’s hot enough right now to vaporize the Coronavirus and all of it’s cousins. What do you think? In Gretna, NE right now, it’s 94 degrees. Muggy all day. Fries your brain almost. I don’t know how the kids are doing who suddenly, after being quarantined and are not acclimated to the heat yet, are doing with practices and games going on right now.

That said, I’ve completed almost nothing today. I did a lot of reassessing my novel for a session with my book coach on Monday. It’s an amazing process, having never written a book before. It sounds so simple, so easy. It’s not. There is so much more than just regurgitating words onto paper. What sounds so awesome in your head doesn’t sound that way when you look at it. Things need to be rephrased, moved, cut out, re-stated. It’s a lot!

Between the Pro Writing Aid software and the guidance of Sam, my book coach, I feel so much better about what the results are shaping into. A better telling of the story. And I’m actually showing how my main character built her strengths of character while she is doing it. It makes a huge difference. There is a lot of timing issues now, and decisions that need to be made regarding where and how things happen. This is the tricky part. And I have to keep working, keep the discouragement away, and remember still I’ve not done this before.

The Perfect Time

Stress is all around, and we think certain things should happen because of it, NOW, just to beat the stress. Not so. Some days, I’m finding it less than delightful that a sixty pound Golden Lab thinks my function in life is to play fetch with her when the Babe is gone.

Most days, it’s a good break from writing or reading. Not today, the assignment I was doing for Sam was flowing nicely and I wanted to finish it. Did not happen. I can’t neglect my beautiful blondie simply because it’s not convenient to play with her. The difference is it’s a little hot for their usual walks, so they have a little too much energy. She hasn’t quite gotten the “drop it” command yet, so it turns into a tug of war, which is no good for my arthritic hands. We’ll learn, we need to be patient with each other.

After losing our cleaning lady, we did one big cleaning of our upstairs. And now we need to get after that again, too. I miss her but the Babe is convinced we can do it all. Hope so! Have lots of laundry to finish right now, and folding may happen four to six working days after things leave the dryer. I’m awful with that. Trust me, after doing mountains of laundry over the past 50 years, you get a little over it. But, I’m grateful to have the clothes to clean, and machines that do it. Change you mind when you need a boost. I’m grateful, not hassled. Makes the tasks easier.

Speaking of which, a bed with a clean mattress cover needs clean sheets put on it before we decide to call it a night. Doing it now is much easier than three hours from now. So for now, I need to stop the authoring. Thanks for reading today. I appreciate it. I’ll be here tomorrow, and hope you come back.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m seeing so many differing reports about all the events of the past week. George Floyd from Texas, not Minneapolis. Irrelevant in itself, but sounds as if he wasn’t such a saint. That doesn’t mean he deserved to die as he did. It seems like so many, many things that have happened are one or two bad decisions away from blowing up in our faces. The man in Omaha is on video vandalizing another store before he and the bar owner were caught up in bad decisions of their own. Where in the world will it end? Please, stop and evaluate your decisions. Make sure they are good ones. At home, on the job, and away. Maybe we can stop this nonsense once and for all.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay on your guard. Check your decisions before you implement them. Please.

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