Wednesday’s Child

Is Wednesday’s Child really “full of woe?” as the nursery rhyme says? I was born on Ascension Thursday, 1952. “Thursday’s child has far to go.” Old wives tales and nursery rhymes really had some strange stories in them. While it is a long way from here to where I started in life, we all have far to go in life, if you are curious about life, how things work, and how things are put together. We all have our own curiosities, and our own agenda when it comes to learning over and above required school.

A very long time ago, I worked part time in the counseling office at Metro Community College. At that time, it was Metro Technical Community College, then later dropped the Technical. We all know how that turned out. It never failed, someone who was not a good student in high school, they could really shine as a student if they were choosing a new profession or a first career. And the women, like myself, who didn’t have the chance to go to college did exceptionally well. The learning was such a blessing. To fit with a group of people who were studying the same subjects as you, it was a great experience. It never hurts to study anything, formally or informally, as an adult. You learn far more than the information you signed up for.

I was blessed to work for employers who would reimburse tuition (but never the more costly books). I finished my college degree that way. And in 1996, January, we had graduation at the Orpheum Theater. It was great. A good friend of mine received her Masters that day. She has since passed away. I think of her often.

This. Do This for Folks Who Need This Right Now.

Tomorrow is my first official Zoom call with Sam, my Book Coach. We’ve exchanged emails with attachments, and I have some things to look at before we discuss them tomorrow. She told me not to rewrite anything until we talk. I find it funny my Pro Writing Aid has some corrections for certain words, and Sam’s software has slightly different suggestions. Of course that would happen, why wouldn’t it? I’m looking forward to the session and her feedback. It’s real now, since we have a contract. One step closer.

What an Awesome Record!

How many people are still working from home? Anyone? Many companies are saying it could be the new way of doing business. I think it may be hard to coordinate efforts with a co-worker you may be working on a project with, without having real updates in person. You can Zoom, but will they be upfront about what they have finished? Some may not be honest is all I’m saying. I’m not being negative, just realistic.

I have finished pinning the Poppy Quilt and another one, with Hibiscus flowers embroidered on large white blocks. It should be a stunner, too. I love having things to look forward to. How about you? Do you enjoy having projects ready to dive in on or does it cause you too much concern?

I thank you for reading again today. We should have a lot to tell you about tomorrow, hope to see you back then! Say a prayer for me too! Thanks!

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