Thinking Thoughts Thursday

Just finished Zooming with Sam Tyler, my Book Coach. It was a good conversation and set me thinking. My genre will probably be fiction. It sounds as if you include real people in stories they could have grounds to sue you for writing your truth. That is interesting, isn’t it? Expect to see the usual paragraph about “any resemblance between the fictional characters and real persons is strictly coincidental” at the front of my book. It’s just the thing to do to protect yourself.

The whole thing reminds me of a coffee mug I saw, “If you are concerned I wrote about you, you should have treated me better.” Pretty sassy, but true.

Consider yourself warned!

I I can only hope to have the stamina to tell the stories that need telling. It’s a personal choice to spend time with all of these creative things, one that makes my life feel fuller. I’m learning so much sometimes I think my brain will explode. There are not enough hours in the day to read, to write, and to quilt. I think this afternoon, I’m going to be working on the poppies quilt. It’s all ready to go, and I’m feeling the bug to work on it. While creating with one medium, I can get inspirations for another medium.

I have a lot of character development issues to hone in on. That is kind of a fun analysis to do. Personalities can change. People can change. Dramatically, in fact. My story is about a woman who changes and how she does it. Gradually. Unrest haunts her. After being told she can’t do things, she does. And surprises herself. She finds herself in the process. It all sounds so easy, but it’s not. It’s slowly revealing itself to me with Sam’s help. I like what I’m learning and seeing how I can do things more effectively.

Sometimes I get the feeling poetry would be “easier.” I think using fewer words would have to be so disciplined, so exacting. Maybe one day I can try it, too. For now, I’ll stick with writing. Whatever is created is good, and using talents God gave us.

While this is pretty short again today, I just have a lot to think about. That’s where my time needs to be today, digesting what I’ve heard today, and formulating my updated plans for Katie’s story. She has quite a story to tell. I appreciate you reading today, and hope to see you here again tomorrow. Be safe today, I’m wearing my mask to Target to quickly grocery shop, and using hand sanitizer when I get back in the car. Help a Grandma out, and let’s get this pandemic under control so I can meet my grandson in Colorado! Thanks for your participation. Bless you.

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