#365! And Dog Ears

Despite cloudy skies on this beautiful Tuesday, I’m celebrating! Today, you are reading my 365th blog post. Enough to make a year! In the beginning, I was very sporadic, but then when our Roxie died last summer, I sat down and wrote about losing her. I’ve not missed a whole lot of days since probably Thanksgiving, and today is #365. I’m proud to have developed the habit of at least writing this every day. Writing needs to be a habit. This is. Even if I post very late in the day and it’s very brief, I haven’t missed the day.

I am grateful for all of you who read my posts, whether casually or with your morning coffee every day like my cousin Paula. It makes an author feel good when people look forward to reading. I’ll keep it up if you all do! Thank you so much!

By the title, you may think I’m writing about dog ears in the sense of turning pages down to find your place. Since I just addressed the other meaning for dog ears, I will. I grew up in a family of readers. We always used a book marker. Either a shard of paper, a real book mark, or something. Never turn down the page of a book, whether you own it or borrow it from the library. And never a textbook. Other people had to use those things. I still don’t to this day. If I highlight, underline, write notes in the margins, it took forever to do that, too. Studying became easier in college while working full time and going to school full time at night, with three kids.

The real point about dog ears, is Lexie’s been acting a little weird the last few days. About a week ago, I noticed her ears may need cleaning out. It’s a rare event. Of course, I forgot about it. Now, it appears she’s hurting. That explains her odd behavior. I feel so bad! All of you, right now, if you have pets that can get ear problems, check them out. Better be safe than sorry. I have some handy dandy ear cleaner for her, and cotton balls to wipe out the mess, so if I can get her to hold still, we’ll be good to go. Poor Lexie.

Our best friends have many types of ears, and the ones labs have, unfortunately, are the kind infections can breed in. They’re often warm inside, both from body temp and the folded over ear, and sometimes dirt lodges in there. Goldie stays away from Lexie, but Roxie used to lick her ears like crazy – never an infection. I guess it’s partly luck with them, too. Good luck or bad luck, I don’t want it to get too far away from us. If it’s not better in a day or two, I’ll call the vet.

Back to quilting today. And I’ll do some reading of “As Waters Gone By.” Sam, my book coach, tells me it is a great example of backstory being woven into the fabric of a story – you don’t notice it, but it’s out there when it’s important to see/know it. I need to learn that. You can add it through dialogue, which probably is the easiest way. Conversation is a lot easier to read than a 90 page information dump. We writers sometimes take a long, long way around things to say something simple. And we don’t need to. In fact, we shouldn’t. Thanks, Sam. See? You’re in my head and on my mind. I’m learning and I’m excited about that!

It’s kind of funny, the free photo library that comes with WordPress doesn’t have one photograph of a dog eared book. Not a one. Dog ears come up just as I’ve shown above. Worthy dog ears, but not exactly the kind they should be. Just so glad you stopped by today. I’m cutting it short today again, to get to the quilt. It’ll get done this month or bust! I want to post photos of how beautiful the colors look against a grey wall. The background makes a lot of difference. Just wait until you see what I’m quilting next – it will go above our bed. I’ve shown it briefly before.

This one will be spectacular. Can’t wait!

So, I couldn’t wait to show you. I have never done a feather stitch, think I’ll try it out. I have a pattern for the feather stitch and can pounce it on. An eraser-like item is filled with chalk dust (they actually sell it at quilt stores), and you “pounce” it over the surface of a stencil. It should be a good way to try it. We’ll see how it goes. Another COVID project. Wash up. Wear a mask. Be kind, thoughtful, courteous, and let’s all stay healthy. See you tomorrow!

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