Tuesday’s Stuff

Bittersweet Day again today. Every time I take Mom out, I can sense her being less capable than the last time we went out. Of course, with the drop in temperature, arthritis and it’s ailments rear their ugly heads, and I’m sure that makes a difference in how she gets around. Although she swears she exercises faithfully, either it does no good or she isn’t doing it like she says. Who knows? Does the human body stop responding to movement on a regular basis?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

These are all stock photos, but I love the little old folks in them. The lady above with her daughter reminds me of the lovely Barbara Bush, complete with the three strand pearls. She was always such a dynamic First Lady. I loved her passion for reading and her love of life. The world misses her.

And the little folks, below, my gosh, they’re still having fun. The little gentleman in the headphones is listening to something very beautiful, it could be classical, it could be Jazz. My dad loved Jazz and he took on a different persona when he heard it. He really dug it.

The gentleman at the outdoor cafe, lower middle, he may not be used to dining alone. I wonder if he just lost his wife. Bless his heart. The little lady with the camera, sticking out her tongue, I hope she is just being silly not suffering from something like dementia. That would be sad. I’d rather she have fun, making her little grandchildren laugh with her.

The two lower photos, the grandma photographed must have had older children who had a child later in life. She could be homeschooling her granddaughter during the Pandemic. That scenario plays out over and over all across America these days.

For the last one, lower right, I am sad when I see her. I think she may be ill, maybe have cancer. She is researching her options, and checking her insurance card for treatment. I hope it works, I hope she is given a second chance at life. I hope she lives a long time, until she’s heard her last musical note, written her last sentence, and seen her last mountain.

Living life everyday to it’s fullest is such a wonderful way to live our retirement years. I’m enjoying mine, there are so many new things to try.

We’ve just shared some fictitious photos with story lines I just made up. Sometimes, the ideas come easily and quickly, sometimes they don’t, and that’s the hard thing about writing. Some days just don’t give you what you need. Other days, your paper overflows.

I hope you have a cozy rest of the evening. It’s blustery and colder than it should be tonight at the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. Lots of rain, the lawn, flowers, and everything need it. Please, say a prayer for my mom. She needs to keep moving, but I think things are wearing out. Parts all wear out, whether it be on cars or human bodies. Some can be replaced, some cannot. It’s tough to just ride it out and let the chips fall where they may. Ninety one is a long, long life.

After our haircuts today, we went to Hobby Lobby. She swore this would be the only time I’d have to take her to Hobby Lobby before Christmas. I laughed at her. Laughed and laughed. As crazy as she is about Christmas, I do believe we will certainly go back to Hobby Lobby once or twice before then. More on that later.

Thank you for reading tonight. I so appreciate it. Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Courteous. Masks can be a pain, if they keep us healthy, they’re not so bad. Either way, let’s stay aware of things. Thanks for being with me on this journey. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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