Monday, Monday

This morning, I spent a couple hours watching a video designed to convey to “small business owners” the changes Facebook/Instagram made that will affect our abilities to still be seen by our “customers” or members. Authors are included as small businesses as are musicians, artists, and many other creative ventures.

My head is kind of swimming. After hearing Facebook will possibly stop musicians from having Facebook Live concerts from home, I’m pretty steamed at FB, if that is true. Some of those folks had no income during the pandemic, and that is not a good thing. In a world where we need the soothing, healing calm music provides, please don’t take them away from us! Virtual Tip Jars were available for most of them, some requested a donation be made to a charity in their area. I believe they were fair with the distribution of tips, too.

I’m glad I learned about the changes we can have our friends, customers, fans, members make now to their FB feeds so they see us above the rest of the crowd. And I’ll get into Instagram and Facebook Ads, which are supposed to really put you ahead of the pack. It helps find your group of readers, customers, supporters, etc. That will be worth the price for sure.

This afternoon, I’m taking a break from writing and will work on some other things. It’ll be worth the time out, I’ll be more refreshed and able to dig back in. Tomorrow afternoon, I have a webinar on including backstory when it’s necessary, and what to leave out. Hope that one is worth it, too. It’s a second of three that I paid for. The first one wasn’t too great, but I have hopes for the next one.

Saw this morning on GMA and Rachael Ray, Rachael’s home in upstate New York had a terrible fire. It was from a chimney block, creosote lined the chimney, which I believe caught fire because a critter made a house in the chimney. The creature house caught fire, and immediately, a guy on an SUV alerted them and called the fire department. What a shame.

Just want to remind folks to have their wood burning fireplaces cleaned and inspected by a professional. This is the season, and I’d hate to have anyone go through what my son did last October – his apartment building went up in flames from improperly disposal of smoking materials, at someone else’s apartment. It was awful. Here’s that story.

How did you like the header photo today? That is one of my favorite Beatle songs ever. I hope it’s played (or sung) at my funeral some day. The best thing anyone can learn is to Let It Be – whatever It is. And the solution will come to you. You have to listen in the silence. Have faith. Exhibit hope. And you will discover such love. It’s all from God. Yes, I’m a believer. (Another good song, but I didn’t mean to bring that up here.)

The more I see around us, the more I am grateful every day for all the small things in my life that help make my life what it is. Writing is a good way to take the questions, answers, feelings, and anger, put it on paper, and not keep it inside of me to ferment and cause negativity. I could burn it once it’s on paper, but I probably won’t since I don’t want the smoke detectors to go off, or the countertops to be singed. It wouldn’t be a good thing.

I’m also grateful for all of you who take the time to read my blog give feedback. The best place to do that is below on this page, with a comment. I’d love it if you’d get on the mailing list I’ll start collecting in October. It’ll ensure you stay up to date with all the ins and outs of our journey. It’s my journey, but you’re along the trip with me.

Again, thanks for being here today. I hope you return tomorrow. It’s going to be another pretty day her at the home office in Gretna, Nebraska. Hope it will be where you are, too. Be Safe!

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