Technology Wednesday.

The Babe asked me to help him. Since Cox Cable, the internet provider at the VFW Post made some changes last week, his e-mail up there has ceased to exist. In fact, if anyone has sent an e-mail to him in his capacity of Quartermaster, resend it. We (my favorite brother-in-law and I) have found a solution to omit Cox Cable in the grand scheme of things. It was quite a debacle on their part. They made some major changes with servers last week, and he lost e-mail. We have been on the phone with them to try and troubleshoot for at least 7 hours, probably 8 altogether. This is wrong! We are going to route his emails to a Gmail account, a change that will be transparent to our customers and members. It will only be different for the Babe.

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Needless to say, that put me behind the eight-ball for getting anything much done today. Volunteering is good, and I do it for the Veterans, (especially for the one I live with), so it’s ok. I must say, customer service was really strange with this two hour call today. The girl would sit for long periods of time, not saying anything, because her system was slow. She couldn’t get e-mail to open for her to test sending one. I opened things on my side to see if perhaps there was a setting for Junk mail or SPAM we overlooked. In her little controlled environment, if she sent an e-mail, it went through, she thought it was fixed and closing the ticket. NO!!! It is not resolved!

She repeated the same sentence over and over, about it working from her side. She didn’t get what I was saying. It was no test in her controlled environment. She kept blaming our website company. We already troubleshot this side. All fingers pointed to COX.

What can you do? Aside from being happy I don’t have to work with inept people who are probably ill-trained for that job, not a doggone thing. It’s a shame, really. I have really noticed if a young person is helping you in Best Buy or NFM in the laptop department, some treat an older person who is inquiring about a laptop or even a cell phone, they tend to talk very fast and act as if you are a moron. That’s so wrong of them. I maintained code probably before they were born. I know the hard way to do some things they probably never heard of. Yes, my way is gone, but I’ve read lots of articles where old programmers who know COBOL can earn a bucket of money. I’m busy enough right now. Plus, I cannot sit at a desk all day anymore.

Isn’t this lovely?

This meme above reminds me of what a wonderful lady our Grandma Jewell was. She was so humble, never boasted, was very spiritual, and loved all of us no matter what. She is my hero, the person I wish I could be 1/100th of. There could never be another. She would really be concerned about the world now. But I’m sure she could tell stories of what she’d seen in her life that would make this CORONAVIRUS pale in comparison.

Going to wrap it up now, have some things to accomplish. Be safe out there, ok? I appreciate you reading today and hope to see you back tomorrow. Peace out!

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