Writing Today

Good Morning, from the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska. I’m busy already with planning what to write today. The Poppy Quilt is in the “finished” pile now, and boy, it feels good to finish something.

In my attempt to become more of a planner with my storyline, I’m working on three big, meaningful scenes today. They have to do with my character Katie dealing with the news her husband is getting drafted. She handles it better than he does, really. She expected it all along. Katie does a lot of her growing up and accepting responsibility during this time when he is in training and his early assignments. John, does not grow up. You are taken back to one of the last years the draft was drawn, on July 1, 1970. The draft officially ended in 1973, as the Vietnam War was winding down.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Many of the freedoms women enjoy today are not shared by women in the 1960s and early 1970s. It may amaze some readers to learn these specific areas a woman still needed a man’s permission or even signature when attempting to open a bank account, get a credit card, and even use their first name. A woman was not referred to as “Mary Smith.” She was referred to as, “Miss Smith,” or as, “Mrs. John Smith.” My sweet Grandma Jewell told me a woman’s name was in the newspaper twice in her life. The First, when she marries, it’s in the Women’s News Section; the Second, when she dies, it’s in the Obituary Notices. The Women’s News Section in our local paper is now called the “Living” Section.

Did you know jobs used to be listed under “Men Wanted” and “Women Wanted?” That changed in the 1980s, I believe. And lots of folks would look for someone to rent out a room to, those ads were also based on sex, which was probably a good idea. Apartments were often furnished or unfurnished. I can’t imagine today, sleeping on a mattress someone else used, or fifty others used. We didn’t think anything of it during those times. The furniture was often worn somewhat. It was easier to move, however.

Good To Know!

I would so much rather have my nose in a book than someone’s business. It’s a much safer place to be these days. Some folks are pretty stressed at the restrictions, the rules, the laws, whatever you want to call them, and cooler heads do not prevail sometimes. That is unfortunate. I hope we all can take a moment to calm ourselves, and realize confrontation doesn’t help in some situations. If you’re shopping, in line at a reduced capacity sporting event, or out enjoying the outdoors in a park, please be careful, will you? It doesn’t take long for a situation to go out of control sometimes. Just be careful.

Those pages won’t write themselves, so I’d better move on. Thank you for reading today, I appreciate it. Hope to see you right back here tomorrow. Be Calm. Carry On. Wash Up. Mask Up. Keep a Positive Thought!

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