Sane Saturday

It’s almost a cloudy day today. Too early to tell, you know? The sirens are going off at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska today. First Saturday of the month, the sirens are tested. They sound in case of tornado. In small towns like Gretna, they also sound whenever the Volunteer Fire Department is called to an accident or other type of emergency call. There is no police department here, the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Department handles those types of calls.

I admire people who volunteer for service with these agencies. Some of them go on to larger departments where you need to qualify through testing and abilities, some stay put right here in small towns all over America. I’m just glad we have them. We have a good show of help in our neighborhood, across the street is a Volunteer on Gretna’s team, next door are law enforcement people. We have a very safe neighborhood. Great people whom we’re grateful for.

Today is our twenty-second wedding anniversary, the Babe and me. It’s been quite a ride, trust me. Never a dull moment. But it’s been filled with love, commitment, good times, and some not so fun times. It’s been honest, deep, and still holds surprises. We’ve survived most of our kids getting married, the arrival of grandkids, sharing the grief between family losses, friends, and serious illnesses. We’ve both had life threatening illnesses, (thanks to Agent Orange and Cancer), and relied heavily on each other to dig deep and get better. You’re never the same after those things, but you have a lot to lose if you don’t get better. We’ve both helped the other become our best. We’re still working on it, too.

Wedding Day, 10/03/1998, we were a couple of kids – in our 40’s!

Next week, I have some training I signed up for free, it’s regarding all the methods of “social media,” Instagram, TicTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin. I have no idea why some would interest me, but it’s not a bad idea to learn about them. I doubt the Babe and I will be doing TicTok. Just keepin’ it fresh, after 22 years! LOL.

Going to work at completing my scene writing today, we have a car show to attend tomorrow. It’s at our VFW Post 2503 at 90th & Military Road in Omaha, NE if you’re close and are so inclined.

I also have some other online courses which I paid for, which will be helpful to learn in addition to the free classes I mentioned. Most of them are about branding yourself, one suggests you hire someone to do the work unless you are an artist yourself. I’ll have to see about that. Everyone has their own advice about everything, so we can hear the information and choose whether to accept it or not.

We all need to be enjoying this Saturday, although it’s a bit chilly outside. My recliner is calling to me now. I can hear it. That swelling is still there, in my neck, just below the ear and creeping over the jawline. I’m just doing Tylenol and hoping it’s nothing serious. I’ll reassess it Monday, and see how things are.

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading. It’s so cool to see we’re adding followers every day. Thanks for that, too. Be Kind, Be Courteous, Be Safe out there, folks. See you tomorrow, ok?

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