Sunday and Monday, Whew!

Yesterday was such a busy day, filled with fun, I remarked to the Babe after we went to bed, “I didn’t blog yet today. I have to.” He said, “You hardly ever miss, wait until tomorrow.” We were both pretty tired after a great day, I decided it was ok. So, today will be full of what you missed.

Our VFW Post 2503 hosted a Car Show with Omaha Street Rods Association yesterday. It was so much fun. When we arrived before registration time at 9:30, there were already cars parked and registered. there was a line of sweet cars to register and park. There were rows and rows of cars, motorcycles, one monster truck, and a happy crowd accompanying it all. The day was perfect, and the weather was absolutely perfect. It has been a very long time since we were able to enjoy a day like this.

Having grown up in the family I did, I was interested in the cars. My dad was a mechanic back in his day, and he enjoyed racing a lot. He had a Go-Kart we’d race around with his friends, Tom and Ruth. It was more us watching our dads, really. Dad could fix anything up until they put computers in cars. Then he wouldn’t touch them. I still like cars and appreciate the old ones. The ones that were Muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s were extra cool to see. I tried to remember who at school may have owned one. It was fun to reminisce.

We hung out almost all day there, and talked with people who came and went. It was a great day. And by the time we arrived home, it was almost time for bed. The fresh air did me in, and the Babe, too.

The last photo of the lovely lady with the green mustang is our friend Jackie. Jackie is a retired schoolteacher and this was her husband’s car. It’s all original, and she really takes good care of it. She asked if she could bring it up, and why not? This is how fun she is. For a lady in her 80s, she amazes me. What a cool time she had. I love to see people having fun doing something normal, don’t you? I’m still smiling. It was a very successful fundraiser. We were blessed.

See all the tabs open? I have a lot of stuff to read and learn this week. Some free, some not.

There is an ongoing amount of stuff to learn, as it pertains to marketing yourself as well as writing well. Hopefully, I am learning to write well enough to market myself successfully, while mastering hashtags, social media, and Facebook ads/boosting. Time will tell.

I usually send my homework to Sam Tyler, Writing Coach, on Sunday evening, it’s due at 8 a.m. on Monday the week we have a Zoom call scheduled. I didn’t even send that yesterday! Today was the first time I sent it on Monday morning. It felt as weird as not blogging yesterday. I think that means I’ve built that blogging habit by doing it for some 395 posts now. You miss it when you don’t do it.

My homework was to write scenes, including six important elements that make a scene worthy of being in a story. A GOAL, a CONFLICT, a DISASTER, an EMOTION, a THOUGHT, a DECISION. I used this list through about seventeen chapters! It’s coming along nicely.

Going to spend the rest of my day watching training videos. No writing today other than this. I thank you for spending time with me today, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow, too. Be Kind, Socially Distance, and Wear Your Mask when appropriate.

p.s., the header photo is a stock photo, it is not Goldie. It just struck my fancy as an adorable puppy. I’m a sucker for them, you know.

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