Sentimental Sunday

I’m in heaven again today. The Babe and I celebrated our wedding anniversary a week late, and attended Yesterday and Today at the Omaha Community Playhouse last night. Usually, the show runs after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve. Not this year. Billy McGuigan along with his brothers (and daughter and son!), tweaked the show and presented us with all of this!

Upper left, Ryan, Billy, Matthew, and Jay (Superman) Hanson cover one of the many, many Beatles songs of the night. Soon, they’ll have to rename the show to Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow to showcase all their children. They each have a child with a Beatles-related name. The lovely Cartney sang with the band and her dad, Billy, to one of my favorite songs, Here, There, and Everywhere. She has a very beautiful voice. She hit some hard notes, and Dad couldn’t help but smile. (Upper right, Uncle Ryan, Cartney, Billy). She is also an accomplished artist, and has some merch on the website. How cool would that be for a senior in high school?

Lower right, is the amazing Ciaran, playing the hard parts. His guitar teacher is the incredibly talented Max Meyer (sorry, no pic). Max and Ciaran played before the show, and you can tell there is something magical between the teacher and pupil, that comes out through the guitar. Go witness it, you will be amazed.

Aside from having their own talent and gifts, these two kids are having OJT with some of the best performers we’ve ever seen. Brother Ryan is also an actor, and he made an entrance right in front of us (socially distanced, as per the rules), that left us speechless for a bit. What an actor! Lower left is Ciaran and Brother Matthew. He is quieter than his brothers, but speaks through his music. He’s accomplished on the guitar and vocals. What a group!

Folks, their show continues through November 1st. Give yourself an early Christmas gift. Your heart and soul will warm so much from the absolute love in the theater you’ll have your faith restored in the future of mankind. It’s so refreshing to be away from COVID and television for awhile (except for wearing a mask, and being separated by groups in the theater).

I will say though, I was not comfortable wearing a mask the whole time. When you go, either wear a paper one or one made of cotton. Mine was knit fabric, and they hold a lot of heat in. I just needed the music and display of love from these guys tonight. And the lovely Tara Vaughn. Her voice is like that of an angel. Being in the large theater, and socially distanced, she was so far away! Luckily, she has a giant voice perfect for the song she and Billy do so well together, “Oh, Darling,” from the Abbey Road album. I’ve loved it since I first heard it. You will, too. Then come back when Tara does her show, “Women of Rock.” She is pictured in the upper left photo, between Matthew and Jay. See what I mean, far away.

She won’t leave my side since we got home.

Poor Goldie! We think something stung her this morning. Her eyes and snout started swelling on one side. I gave her three Benadryl to try and stop it. Didn’t help. By the time we drove from Gretna to the Emergency Vet in the Mockingbird area of Omaha, it was very swollen.

They don’t allow people in the building because of COVID, so they came to the car and got her. Luckily, someone saw her right away and they dosed her with steroids and Benadryl. She’s supposed to sleep as much as she wants, and we continue the Benadryl for a couple days and hope it stops any ill effects. These dogs get into your heart and it’s the least you can do – keep them well.

Thank you for reading today. I have a beautiful pup to tend to. Call the Playhouse and go see these guys. You’ll feel like you just were sprung from solitary confinement. Let’s keep moving that direction, out of this pandemic, and become civil to each other again. Show your love to those you are close to. Enjoy the talents of others while you learn what yours are. We all grow and learn from each other. If not for that, we would truly be lost. Keep Hope. Keep Faith. Keep Safe. See you tomorrow.

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