Second Game, World Series

Hi, guys,

It’s quite late on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. 9:10 p.m., CDT. Second game of the World Series, bottom of the 5th, 2 outs, not looking good for the Dodgers. Well, maybe not so bad. It’s a commercial on TV right now, so who knows? We’ll see. One thing I remember really vividly is the old nuns at St. Bridget’s would ask if someone had a portable TV. Black and white, TV. I didn’t know what that was going on, but I learned quickly.

Turns out, some kids had one they could bring to school for us to watch the St. Louis Cardinals play against whomever, in the World Series. My family wasn’t into sports, but how I loved watching the Cardinals play in the World Series. It was magical. I think that may be when my interest in Major League Baseball started. That and Johnny Bauer and I would play ball in out backyard. Johnny was my brothers friend and age, but my brother didn’t do sports. Still doesn’t care about them, so I remember Johnny telling me about Whitey Ford and Roger Maris, wouldn’t you know I’d hear about Yankees the first time I heard of Major League Baseball? Of course. The Damned Yankees.

The old nuns loved Bob Gibson, and so did I. He was a pitcher for the Cardinals, from Omaha, and they always cheered for him. He was a great player, and awesome to watch I saw many games in black and white TV when I was in elementary school. I learned to cheer him on. It worked, right?

When my son loved the Cubs, I loved the Cubs. He learned to love them when my mom watched my kids while I worked. She took my kids to visit her sister and husband, and my Uncle Joe, a retired policeman, watched the games with my son. It was wonderful, my uncle saw them win a World Series in 2016, and passed away in 2018. I hope they win again before my son ever passes away. It would be fitting and right.

The score is not favoring the Dodgers tonight, and that’s ok. It’s only the second day, so a lot can happen. It’s ok. We’ll see what happens between now and then, the last game.

Have a beautiful rest of the evening. We’ll have more tomorrow, hope to see you then. Take care, be safe, and be kind. Thank you for reading, we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be safe, Be courteous, and e Kind. It’s the least we can expect from each other right now. See you tomorrow!

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