Fall Back Halloween

Doesn’t this work out nicely? You gain an hour of sleep tonight, unless you’re out reveling. I find it fascinating the night sugar will hop the kids, and you think you’ll get an extra hour of sleep tonight. It could work out, who knows? Good luck to those in the trenches. I did like taking the kids out when mine were little. They were cute. I made costumes if I could. My oldest son went as a Native American one time – you can’t do that anymore, but he enjoyed the costume. They were studying about settling of America and there was no disrespect intended.

My younger son was so shy. He had brown eyes the size of saucers. He picked out a mouse costume. It was perfect for his personality. I think the photos were in the box I gave each kid of stuff I had belonging to them. The last time we moved, I decided they needed their pictorial history.

And my daughter. She wanted to be a mermaid the year we saw Splash. She had long blonde hair, which I braided wet and she left it in overnight. I had a set of pinkish long underwear she wore, and I fashioned bra top and sewed it onto the pink underwear. Then, made the bottom skirt of green fabric, sewed random sequins on it, and split it up the back so she could walk. The front looked like mermaids’ flippers. It was fun.

The following year, my younger son Nick wanted to be a carrot. Yes, a carrot. It was unique, just as Nick is. It was adorable and easy. Took orange fabric, sewed a tube with a slit to walk free, cut a hole for his face, and put long green yarn on the top. His teacher had a good time laughing about it. Funny boy, my Nicholas is.

Last year, we received a photo of Kayla. They dressed her in pink scrubs. It was adorable too. Can’t wait to see what she is this year. Things have changed in the last forty years. We will not be handing out candy, I’m going to make a little Ziplock bag for about six neighbor kids, but nothing else.

Country Over Party

Let’s get through the next three days with civility, class, and keep our collective cool. It’s hard to guess who may win, and whoever does, they will be our President. Just like always, some we win, some we lose. We need to not lose our collective minds. Your mental health is too important to jeopardize getting through this Pandemic. We must have strength and unity. God help us, please.

The Babe bought a new carpet cleaner and is eager to use it. I need to rearrange things and make way for him. I will use spare time later to read and relax. It’ll be a wonderful Saturday. Hope yours is too. Let’s meet again tomorrow, ok? I appreciate it. Be safe out there.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

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