It’s Complicated

If anyone would have predicted counting the votes from this messy election would turn into a television miniseries, I would have laughed. Yet, here we are. Night three of a saga stranger than fiction. I can’t even imagine the outcome. I think they will elect Biden, and I shudder to think what will happen to many things I don’t want to change. Our retirement. Our Social Security. And especially our Health Insurance. For the very first time since being on Medicare, my supplement has not changed in premium at all. I about fell over when I read the letter. Thank you, Mutual of Omaha retirement benefits!

Had a good session with Sam, my book coach, today. I’m learning and needing more practice doing a lot of things. It’s hard to concentrate on each scene. Nothing else can occur except in the scene at hand. It really is a lot harder than it sounds. Lots to learn and practice. I’m glad to have Sam to work with during this learning curve.

One thing that helps a writer is to read. I am supposed to read a memoir. Sometimes they can be difficult, I read “Eat, Pray, Love” several years ago, and didn’t care for it. I have a memoir, though. It’s called “Me and Mario” by Carol Gino. I’ve been FB friends for a long time with Carol Gino, she is a nurse, teacher, author, and has a long resume. I didn’t know she was a twenty-year companion of Mario Puzo. For those who don’t recognize the name, Mario Puzo wrote the epic family saga, “The Godfather.” It was magnificent and published back in the 1970s. The movie came out later, in 1972.

The thing I’m most interested in learning about Carol Gino’s life through her memoir is the creativity they both must have. The subtitle is, “Love, Power, & Writing with Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather.” What creativity must have been at work for those twenty years. I’m eager to dive in.

Sometimes it’s fun to just fall into a book or another creative endeavor and stay there for a while. Creating always gets my ideas going, my happiness high, and my contentment at the max. Sometimes it’s too hard to read someone else’s creation, and then I have to stop. Do something creative for myself. That is also hard to believe unless you experience it. We will see how tomorrow goes.

In the meantime, turn off the television set. You’ll find out those results quickly enough. Grab a book to lounge with, a paintbrush to plow through some paint, or a tablet to record words on. Create something. Catalog your feelings as these crazy times continue. I pray you all find your way to the peaceful acceptance of whatever happens. We may not like the results. We need to live with them, however.

Let’s meet again tomorrow. Let’s be Kind. And Patient.

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