Saturday, Game Day

I violated my own advice yesterday. I was not kind. I was not courteous. I was not patient. I have no excuse to offer, other than my being a human with human frailties. Some things in life have overwhelmed me, and when I least expected it, I was unkind. And for that, I am sorry. That is for the universe. I pride myself in not behaving that way. I’ve worked my entire life to not model what I observed as a kid. Sometimes it breaks through terribly. I will ask God’s graces and forgiveness once again. I know He will forgive me, just so I forgive myself. Amen. End of that.

Today, Nebraska plays Illinois. Or should I say, Nebraska has let Illinois get ahead of them by fourteen points. It’s looking ugly, folks. But we’ll watch until the end, like always. It is strange, being in the middle of the country, and not having many sports with teams who play on television. And we have no in-state professional teams of any kind. We have Minor League Baseball during the summer, and some soccer team, but we’re not soccer fans.

It’s a very overcast day, and it’s a little hard to look past it. November gloom messes with your mind and can be hard to overcome. We need to because it’s too early to tire of bleak winter days. Winter doesn’t arrive for another month! Once Thanksgiving is over, it’ll be time to decorate the tree again it should be pretty. I will not perch atop the ladder this year. I’ll have the Babe help me. He’s taller and has a longer reach than I do. I’m sure it will thrill him to help. I ordered a couple of Jim Shore figurines. He is an artist who creates figures and paints quilt blocks and designs on them. He has a line of Disney character wood carvings and some Peanuts characters, too. They’re beautiful. One I ordered is a twenty-five inch tall Nutcracker. I didn’t realize it was so big! And a small statue of Santa with a yellow Lab. I’m sure if Santa had a dog, it would be a Lab. Don’t you think?

Mom has been decorating her house full force for Christmas. She has multiple trees, and each has a theme of its own. She leaves a couple trees up all year long. You don’t notice them after a while. Seriously.

Whatever you do today, remember to relax. Tempers flare with fatigue, overwhelm, and people say things they do not mean. I’ve apologized to the person I offended, so I’m good. Won’t do that again. There is no excuse for unacceptable behavior, no matter where you learned it. Be Kind. Be Courteous. Be Patient. I will be, too. And apologize when you’ve done wrong. Forgive yourself, too. That’s always a hard one. God forgives you, so be like Him. Thank you for reading.

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