Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have you had your fill of dinner yet? We are still waiting for the turkey to finish up. The Babe didn’t want to eat too early. No leftover turkey sandwiches in our future this evening. I even made some Keto bread in anticipation of having them. Tomorrow will come soon enough, and they will taste just as good. It appears I forgot to grind up the frozen cranberries. I can do that tomorrow. No big deal.

It’s been a quiet day for us, and that’s ok. I took a brief nap; it felt great. I wasn’t the least bit tired when I sat down, but then it happened. I sunk into the recliner, and it was over. I heard from my kids, and they’re also having nice days. No one has to work for a change. How nice for them. We are well aware of people who work on holidays; First Responders, Nurses, ER personnel, Police Officers, and all the people deployed or on duty today. Thank you all.

While I was making the real whipping cream for our Keto Pumpkin Bars, I had a weird flashback. When I was a kid, Mom let me make the Whipping Cream. We chilled the bowl. We didn’t use the electric mixer when I first started, and I don’t recall her having a whisk. Whatever she had is what I used. She rarely used her hand-held mixer or the stand mixer. She philosophised we needed to save it for special occasions. I’m not sure why Thanksgiving wasn’t special enough, but those were her rules.

Today, when I took the empty bowl and beaters from the refrigerator, I recalled opening the container of whipping cream and adding vanilla and sugar to the cream. I even remembered which bowl I used. No one came to dinner at our house, except for a grandmother once in a while. Mom cooked the whole thing, and I always had to dry dishes, mostly because I was a girl. No sisters. Three brothers. No matter how many people come to eat, you still have the same number of pots and pans.

I loved cooking with my kids while they were still home. We didn’t go to my mom’s any more after my dad died. It just wasn’t the same, and we really enjoyed our own celebration. The boys would put lights in the yard and on the house when they were older teenagers. We would eat dinner, then go outside at 6 p.m. for our own lighting ceremony. I miss those days so much. Enjoy your kids while they’re home. And be happy for them when it’s their time to celebrate with their own families. People can’t always gather.

It’s time to prepare the Loaded Cauliflower and Green Beans for our sides. We’re just having a bit of food, the important ones. I’m looking forward to the Pumpkin Bars and real whipping cream. Thank you for reading tonight, have a beautiful evening. See you tomorrow.

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