Christmas, 2020

The tree is up, we will stow the empty decoration boxes today. I’ll mail the gifts to Colorado grandkids today, and this morning, I came upon this beautiful YouTube video posted by Sally Walker, my friend from the Nebraska Writers Guild group. Isn’t this child precious? His eyes are so full of wonder and love. I want to see the world through his eyes. The eyes of innocence. The eyes of grace. The eyes of pure love.

I’m catching the spirit. I’m glad. Christmas is hard for me sometimes. Too many losses and enormous changes in families happen sometimes. Let’s just call it that. We need to adjust when things don’t resemble what they used to. It happens to everyone; people who deserve it and people who don’t.

It made me happy to buy Christmas stamps at the Post Office. The Winter Version of the Forever stamp kind of reflects the life at Raabe Ranch. I jokingly refer to our home as that; we have a giant yard for the dogs to run and play, and we are fortunate to have a wetland behind our home. It’s beautiful during any of the seasons. I actually saw a couple of these owls in flight very early one morning. Be quick to catch a glimpse, or you miss it and wonder if you really saw what you thought you saw. We are grateful for living here.

We don’t see deer or teams of horses, but we see various birds, coyotes, wild turkeys and assorted other creatures.

While putting away the bins for Christmas decorations, I’m moving all the art supplies I purchased this year in my creative storage area – downstairs, all in bins, handy for when I get some time to spare. I thought I’d be able to do an online art instruction this year, but the writing happily got in the way. I have written little besides the blog this month, but I needed to take a break from it. I know exactly where to pick it up again, and I will soon.

I plan to publish a children’s book in the first quarter of 2021. I have an illustrator in mind, just need to connect with her. I will also connect with a local printer for publication on demand. I believe that will work for the first go around. And before there is anything like those things done, I need to consult with an attorney to become an LLC.

You all can help me, what do you think? Shall I name it:

Kathy Raabe Publishing Company, LLC


The Little White Puppy Publishing Company, LLC

Please comment to voice your opinion! On one hand, I believe a Publishing Company in my name would be easier for someone to find in a Google search; I got serious about blogging the day a car killed our Little White Puppy. Someone left our gate open after retrieving a parachute firework. The dogs both ran out the next morning, and Roxie died. The book is about that and how our grandson learned to cope with the grief.

As you continue your day, I hope it’s a good one. I hope we’re all good to each other, and others are good to us, too. We need to make it a kinder world. Let’s start today. And don’t forget to vote on my LLC name, please? Thank you, see you tomorrow!


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