It’s Official!

I have now heard of everything. Everything I could ever hope to hear of or about. And it’s blown my mind apart. NanoSeptic Self Cleaning Elevator Buttons. It’s a real thing, honest. I read the fine print in the elevator at my rheumatologists office. Our annual visit in which I tell him how badly it hurts, is it joint pain or muscle pain, and how he’d rather not up my meds right now. It’s all good. Same time, same place in 2021. All good.

With the checking you out before you enter a medical doctor or dental office, it makes you realize all those touch points we touch to enter and get where we’re going. The elevator buttons are pretty high on the list of contaminated objects. Usually, I back into a PUSH door to open it, or put my lower arm across the handle; I’ll use my fist or tip of my cane to hit the automatic door buttons; and I’ll use just a knuckle or two on elevator buttons. I keep sanitizer in my car, and use it as soon as I get in. Then use wipes on the steering wheel, the outside door handle, inside door handle, etc.

Now, through the wonders of technology, NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces, elevator buttons are clean 24/7. How does it work? They are peel and stick button covers. The surface needs replacement at least every 90 days, more often if the traffic is heavy.

The button covers, powered by light, use mineral nano-crystals, which create a powerful oxidation reaction. They oxidize organic contaminants constantly. Pure magic, don’t you think? I wonder if they also sell key covers for the debit/credit transactions in the stores. I would hope there is such a thing.

That’s a lot of germs, even in a non-pandemic time. Immunity building be damned I think it’s about time we were aware of that type of thing. I didn’t like people using my desktop at work if they had a cold or other communicable disease. And the worst thing of all, analysts would help each other out to find bugs in their software coding. If that helper touched the screen, fingerprints accumulated like crazy. I didn’t like all those smudges on my screen. I still don’t. I kept screen cleaner handy at all times.

Isn’t it silly the stuff we think about? As imperfect humans, we all have shortcomings. Disliking smudges on your screen is ok. Just don’t abuse people over it. Keep it to yourself. Be grateful to have a co-worker who would help you with a problem. With age, I see how silly it is when people try to control everything. I received a scolding for mixing a cake mix counter-clockwise with a spoon. Mom swore it wouldn’t rise if I didn’t do it as she wanted. What? I think I would have been left-handed if not for the techniques everyone employed in those days to force right-handedness upon children.

Why? In Latin, the word left had to do with “sinister.” Since Biblical times, left-handed people, judged to not have control over their right hand. Old wives’ tales dominated thinking in those days, and superstitions abound even today. When my children were growing up, the famous brand “Tommie Tippee” cups, bowls, and plastic silverware helped force a child to right handedness. The utensils bent so we could only use them with your right hand. The package showed, “If the child persists in their left-handedness, place utensils in scalding water and bend them into the opposite direction for use with the left hand.” My children’s father forced right handedness on them all. When our daughter fed herself left handed, he said, “You’re already a girl, don’t be left-handed on top of it.” I promptly moved the spoon back to her left hand and declared, “You can use whichever hand you want, and being a girl is not a detriment.”

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If you’re left-handed, be grateful you live now instead of in ancient times. You could be considered mentally ill or possessed with a devil. And in the days of sanitary elevator buttons, who could ask for more?

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