Pattern and Design are Everywhere

No matter where you look, you will find patterns, designs, and inspiration. Bridge Cables fan out to make geometric patterns in the sky, yet they have a purpose for the engineering aspect of the structure. The visual pleasantries are a bonus.

When we studied World History in sixth grade, our teacher, Mrs. Schram, made us take lengthy notes during the segments about Greece and Italy. The notes were about architecture, and she was painstakingly accurate about everything. We had to make thumbnail sketches in our notes and she actually graded them! I’m not sure kids go into such detail today, especially in the sixth grade. It was interesting, though.

The world reflects our past, present, and looks towards our future, too. Buildings allowed to stand centuries later have a charm new construction doesn’t have. Often the cost of upgrading to code prohibits old buildings from being used safely. And then there is the cost element; can you extensively upgrade a structure and still make a profit? Hard to tell, despite your analysis.

Our stories are reflections of our past, present, and a hint towards our future. History can offer volumes when studied; we best be careful studying it however, it’s a good place to visit to answer questions, but you don’t want to live there. Our present is what we have, and we have control over a lot of what happens. Choices are everywhere. On a cloudy day, you can choose to be grumpy or you can choose to be in a good mood. You can make an excuse for just about any behavior you want. Being a jerk to people just because of your mood is a poor excuse. You can’t apologize if you’ll do it again and again. It’s part of your way, and only you can change it.

Rather than hurt people because of your moods, learn to be aware outside of yourself. Watch what a smile does for a stranger. Yes, it’s hard to see smiles in the era of masks, but you can tell it in their eyes sometimes. Say, “Good morning!” when you see someone in a socially distanced crowd. Spread some good will. Spread some good feelings. We all need it.

Yes, I know 2020 has been hard. Rather than be eager for it to leave, I want to enjoy the last two days of it. They’re days dealt into my life and I want to live each remaining day I have, hopefully for another 30 years. I do not want to skip two days because they might be bad. They could be good, too. We need to lighten up on 2020, 2021 could be worse, you never know. I am planning my future. I’m going to finish my novel. And hopefully two or three kids’ books.

I’m working with an attorney to create an LLC for my business. It’s pretty exciting, actually! Join me on the journey. Some days will be great, others will be hard. It’s how life is. Be grateful for the good ones, and the hard ones always teach us something. Value them all. They’re part of the pattern and design of your life, of your story. Thanks for being part of mine. See you again tomorrow.

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