A Great Day!

Yes, it’s pretty late on Monday afternoon. It’s been a long but good day. The Babe went to the Post to do some end of month work on the books, and I tagged along. I usually create new Excel spreadsheets for him to use with the accounting. I also met with my printer today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce I’ll be working with Rainbow Press of Omaha, Nebraska to publish my book, “Roxie, What Are You Doing?” It’s a tale about a little boy and his dogs, (who live with his grandparents), and how he learns so much from his furry friends. He learns a lot of things that will help him in life. His heart breaks and heals while learning these things.

Rainbow is a small business I am proud to support in my debut as an author. I have met them before, since they do all printing for the VFW Post 2503. I know another person who had books printed with them, and they do a marvellous job. They can print, but there is more work for me to do before anything hits the paper. It’s so exciting! Tomorrow, I’ll contact my illustrator. And purchase Publisher, the book formatting software I’ll use, since the printing company uses it. All part of the process, and I’m just excited.

I have my manuscript out with several readers right now. I have edited it to death, and it was time to let it go to some folks to read it and offer ideas, suggestions, and opinions. That is a very scary part. Some folks will like it, some won’t. You have to not take it personally. Logic tells me a lot of things that are emotionally a bitter pill. I’m eager to learn, not taking things personally. Never too old folks to change your character flaws.

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

The hardest part is getting through the work and waiting to see what comes next. I’ve studied the process, and know I’ll probably forget something, but I’ll learn from it. No big deal. I’ve never done this before, and I hope it goes well. If not, we’ll get it done. And next time it will go better. I’m excited, not worried.

I’ve had little time to do much of anything else today, and it’s nearly dinner time. Time to whip up something fabulous on the Keto diet plan. I’m happy with the loss I’m having now, right around 18-20 pounds from the first week in November. I just might end up with a waistline again after all. Those cancer drugs are murder on a person’s body. I’m just glad I’m so far out from it and remain cancer-free. Yes, this is short but sweet, and I hope you all had a great first Monday of 2021. Let’s all be positive and get through leftovers of this Pandemic. We’ll get there. We have to.

When the day starts with such a brilliant sky, it’s always a great day.

Be Safe. Be Thoughtful. Be Courteous. Be Aware of what goes on around you. Keep an eye out for kids and elders. They may need a hand.

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