Happy Wednesday!

Can you believe this header photo is one of only two photos of “Wednesday” on Pixabay Free Photos? Wow. I’m going to try it again on another site.

Much Better! This is a much more positive take on Wednesday. Although if you’re a goth chick, you’ll be happy with the other rendering, can you imagine that Wednesday being happy? I suspect in all the Addams Family movies, there is no happy Wednesday.

I’m not a Goth, so I’ll take the one here. We spend so much time wishing for the weekends, it’s too bad. Pride in your work is important, and it doesn’t matter if you’re pursuing a dream or working for a living so someday you can pursue your dream. Take pride in what you’re doing, whatever day it is!

Right now, I’m checking emails to see if the software is coming. They’ve run out of what I ordered, but will send me something better, same price. So do it already! There are risks involved in ordering blindly like I just did, but most places are legit. Cross your fingers, sprinkle Holy Water, and a dash of sale over your shoulder. I need Publisher today, please! Oh! There it is. Uncross, bless yourself, and get out your broom. We’re good.

Did I also mention I have a persistent 70 pound lab barking at me to play catch? I don’t have writer’s block; I have Lab Interruptions. I can toss it at the office/studio door, it hits and goes the opposite direction. Not bad since I not only throw like a girl, I throw like a Grandma on top of it! Everyone needs a Goldie; a big, lovable, goofball of a dog to brighten the dark days of winter.

Although it was a tremendous amount of work, I’m glad the Babe got her when he did. We were still missing Roxie so bad! The Babe was heartbroken, so was I. And Gavin, our loving grandson who was her best buddy. I think since they could both be naughty sometimes, and that may be why they were buddies. They just “got” each other. Goldie just loves him to death, too. He can run and play with her. Lexie kind of ignores everything around, she’s more of a watchdog. She sits for hours with me in my studio office, resting her chin on the top of her chair, and laying on a soft blanket. Good place to post up to.

I purchased this for myself for Christmas. It’s very inspiring.

This woman writes extensively about aging in this time. It’s like no other time, and we can approach it how we like. How freeing! It’s for anyone who wants to make their lives and relationships filled with as much love and respect as there can be – even our relationships with ourselves. Those relationships are often either neglected or non-existent. They are really the most important ones.

Dian Friesel calls herself a perception analyst. I had not heard that term before. It is branding, which takes the place of marketing now, I believe. I find it a curious question, the whole concept of branding. They don’t mean like branding happens in the popular Paramount Series, “Yellowstone.” Although, that’s the first kind that comes to mind.

I’m a pretty reserved person most of the time. I don’t like to brag (throwback to growing up female and Catholic, it’s not ladylike!). I need to state my worth and accomplishments. That is gender neutral. There is a lot to overcome when you enter a field at a more experienced place in life. Old tapes, old ideas, old social mores.

As anyone ages, they re-examine things in their lives. It’s normal, I believe. Religion, family, and society all have “norms.” Some are obsolete, some simply need to update as society changes. That’s not to say good things get tossed out. No, I’d never propose something so radical. The laws we govern by reflect the Ten Commandments. They’re a pretty complete set of guidelines. Mortal man, with all of his imperfections, can never improve upon them.

I now have an entire sleeping studio office staff. I won! I wore her down, finally!

The downside to wearing Goldie out is I’m finished with this, and need to download software on a laptop in another office. Don’t want to wake Goldie. Oops, I’l find something to occupy myself with. Like putting dog photos in order. I printed them before Christmas and didn’t complete that project. Life is going just too fast! We’re so fortunate to be active and aging. Not as active as I’d like to be, but close enough.

Whatever you do this afternoon, put your heart into it. Visit your mom. Call your uncle. E-mail or text your kids. Text is probably better. Hopefully, they’ll answer. Keep in touch with your loved ones. I had a conversation with my FBIL (Favorite Brother In Law) early this morning, and we solved the world’s problems. And my I/T questions. He is my go-to for anything I/T related. So fortunate to have such a smart, generous guy to help me with issues.

While you’re waiting for your software to show up, or whatever you are doing this afternoon, be aware of co-workers, cohabitants, heck, whoever shares a space with you at all today. Make sure you’re socially distanced. And masked if you wish. Be kind to them. Be considerate to them. Respect their opinions, if they differ from yours. We need to do this, now. Your world will be better.

Thank you for reading today, and we’ll see each other tomorrow!

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