It’s HUGE!

The snow is falling with a velocity I remember from Childhood. And we would walk to school in it, and walk home. When we got to the busy street with stoplights, there were mounds of snow the plows left that were packed down hard. You had to climb up them, then down the other side. Some times, they could be two or three feet high. Seriously.

I remember the nuns cautioning us about standing on top of those snow mounds while waiting for a red light to change. “Don’t do it!” they cautioned. “You could slip and fall under a moving car.” Great. One more thing (that could happen) to be afraid of. Luckily, we never saw that happen. (Cue a sigh of relief).

I remember how cold it was. The girls wore uniforms that were navy jumpers and a white blouse. Of course, we wore boots. As seventh and eighth grade came around, we thought we were too cool to wear boots. Mom usually won. They just invented the boots girls could wear without shoes, and I wanted some.

Overshoes were so cumbersome. But you know, they were the most sensible. My dad wore them. Mom had some that would go over her high heels. I was amazed at that. I outfitted my kids with overshoes, boots, whatever you could get them to wear when they were little. Yes, all kids have rubbery legs as you try to hog-tie them to put boots on. Their legs go limp, they can’t push their foot into the boot, no matter how you manipulate their foot. Once you get them to stiffen their leg, not bending their knee, it was easier. Then the best invention of all.

I learned about them from my Aunt Lois. She was better than June Cleaver. She had six kids, a police officer husband, and probably a pet dog or chicken, depending on what the kids dragged home from school (Paula – you know you did)! Her younger kids were only a few years older than my kids. Those kids have grown up into some of the best people I’ve ever known. Kudos to the Conrad family of Orchard Avenue! Her hand me down clothes from Mike and David were a Godsend!

I remember being a single mom during blizzards. If we didn’t make an attempt to get to work, we would not be paid. Period. I always made it. Many of the women I worked with had their husband’s bring them, and would be picked up later. I carried the snow shovel in the back of the Pontiac Station Wagon I got in the divorce. I used it more than once. And, being young, I wore high-heeled leather boots and was pretty styling. I bought them in the spring of probably 1984. They were beautiful and lasted forever.

No, I didn’t wear short skirts. Always knee length or longer. Appropriate office wear. Very different from what is worn now. We didn’t know what a casual day was. Now, it seems many offices are beyond business casual. Times change so much.

I’m going to make a hot cup of tea and go sit in my recliner and look out at the snow. I find watching it rather soothing and beautiful. It’ll make for a lot of good moisture for our yard. I love the four seasons and hope you are all safe and warm today. Being retired offers so many good things. It’s nice home with the Babe and the dogs. Goldie loves the snow, and wonders why we don’t stay out with her constantly. Silly girl.

Take care of yourself today. Be kind. Be Thoughtful. Check on your neighbor, especially if you’re snowed in. Send your kids to shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway. It’s the right thing to do. Great exercise, too. I’m researching today. Compensation for illustrators. Anyone know the subject? Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow!

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