What Day Is It? Tuesday’s Blog – LATE! Oops!

I swear, it snowed for two days in the last 24 hours. I loved watching it fall, with the dogs asleep by the fireplace, and drinking hot tea while watching it snow. That’s the bonus of retirement. You are grateful for not having to brave the elements anymore to go out and earn a living. You can also get a bit confused what day it is. 

I knew yesterday was Monday. We watched a Netflix original, Virgin River, last night. We enjoyed it. It was good acting, a good story, and was pretty easy to follow. It was worth the couple hours we spent on it. Probably try to watch more later today. I’m guessing it’s most like a romance novel?

For fun, I did a quiz on which romance novel I should read next. They want to know if you want historical fiction, fantasy, or contemporary. Do you want explicit romance or not? From what I understand, it’s quite a business. Many are made into television movies on the Hallmark channel, some on Lifetime. It’s interesting how different genres work. I’m not interested in reading them, but to each his or her own. I like gritty tales of cops, solving murders, and of people overcoming adversity.

Upon waking this morning, the Babe and I had breakfast and he used the snowblower. We had to go get our online grocery order from Walmart. We got all ready, except for our coats. I looked my phone to check in, confirming I was on my way. And low and behold! The groceries won’t be ready until Wednesday, January 27, 2021. The only reason I knew the date is it’s my daughter Rebecca’s birthday. “Oh, I goofed!” The Babe is so easy going, he says, “No big deal!” I’ve known some men who would have a giant fit over the mistake. Yes, they weren’t worth the trouble. Things happen. Life happens. Humans make mistakes. I love the calmness in my life now. It is worth the wait I had.

Gosh, forty-two years ago, I was very pregnant with my daughter. It snowed and sleeted continuously since Thanksgiving that year. I didn’t leave the house except for Church and the Doctor’s appointments I had. The baby was lying on my sciatic nerve, I was in a lot of pain. The doctor told me to lie down when the kids took a nap, and lie on my left side, with my right leg crossed over me, on a pillow. It helped. But Nick was three and didn’t take a nap. It was so hard. Their father got home from work at 3 p.m., and Frankie came home at 3:30 p.m., and everyone was hungry. Stepford Wife that I was and chauvinist their father was, saw me taking care of everyone else and living with the pain. Some days it was severe.

I had an appointment that very day. It was a Friday, the doc knew how uncomfortable I was. He made an appointment to induce me at 4:30 p.m. I was relieved. The only thing the doc used for pain was Demerol (which is never used today from what I understand), and I was aware of everything. The labor went fast. The father had the nerve to ask me to hurry, he had to go bowling and they were in first place, and he had to be there. He didn’t make it that night, and I heard about it forever. Not as if I did it on purpose.


Years later, I see how awful that was. But I didn’t say anything. But it was selfish and awful. We were only married for three years after that. I just couldn’t take it any more. Yes, I’ve changed a lot from those days. Thank God! I learned a lot of independence from my smart, talented, beautiful daughter. She was so independent! I was in awe of her and still am. Happy Birthday, Becky.

Yes, it was hard getting from there to here. Nothing mattered to me more than my kids. It’s finally “my” turn at life. It’s why I’m an author. It’s why I’m working on a brand new craft. It’s why I’m still learning. I’m so enthused and grateful for this opportunity, which I’ve created for myself. I’m so glad you are along for the ride.

Thank you for reading today. Let’s help each other out. Hold the door. Shovel a walk. Help someone stuck in the snow with their car. Take a minute to be kind. Be Thoughtful. Be Mindful of your attitude. Take care. See you tomorrow!

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