Younger siblings are always a pain in the derriere. No, let me correct that. Younger brothers are. I have no sisters at all. I only have younger brothers (2), and one older brother. I can only speak from that experience. I’m guessing sisters could be a pain too.

It’s funny where your mind takes you. The words I type every day spark a memory nearly daily; “See you tomorrow.” A phrase my little brothers called out to Mom after wrestling them into bed each night was, “Good night, pleasant dreams, see you in the morning!” Mom would repeat it back to her. It was a thing every night. I did it with my kids when they were little. I enjoyed ending the day on a positive note. It was good.

Those two little monsters would then talk, laugh, do somersaults in bed, yell, giggle. The grand finale saw them jump up and down on the beds. Mom (or Dad) would utter the popular, “If I have to come up there!” about ten times. Sometimes they earned a spanking, grounding until they were thirty, threats of all sorts. Mom threatened a lot, but never once did she commit the felonies she threatened; but spewed threats of being sent to Boys Town. Or Omaha Home for Boys. Every night the floor was lava. The throw rugs were quicksand; and Mom or Dad had to holler. 

My brothers had vivid imaginations. Perhaps this was their terrain, littered with Lava, Quicksand, and the monster chasing them. Photo by Isaac Weatherly on

Anyone else have younger siblings like that? I know about everyone did, and the craziness happened at night when they should be quiet. My sons did the same thing. My daughter, like her Mama, always had her own room. The one advantage to having all brothers.

Mom threatened me with being sent to Uta Hallee Home for Girls. Back then, Boys Town was only for boys. They went co-ed maybe twenty years ago. I was afraid of the consequences if I did anything Mom considered “wrong.” She ran a tight ship; but then, she had to with Dad working nights. It worked for them.

Friday, Cartney and I will meet for a couple hours and work on ideas for illustrations for our children’s book. She’s a busy high school senior, and I’m glad she’s making time for a meeting with me. I look forward to Friday. Make time for someone today. A quick call can mean so much.

I’m going to work a little more on my novel this afternoon, followed by reviewing the layout of our children’s book. It will be a good preparation for a meeting with Cartney. Life is so good, the horizon has a lot of fresh adventures ahead. I’m so glad you’re along for this ride!

Tomorrow morning, Mom has a doctor’s appointment, so I might not get to post in the morning. I hope she feels well enough to go to lunch. She seldom gets out since it’s so cold. Check on your elders, neighbors, whoever you haven’s seen moving about lately. In another state, there was a “wellness check” called into 911; the officers discovered an elderly lady couldn’t get out of her house because she had no one to shovel her sidewalks. They shoveled her out. How beautiful! She was so grateful to them.

I hope you all have a beautiful, creative day. I’m off to write now! Stay safe. Be careful out there. We’ll see each other again tomorrow. Be kind, be thoughtful, be courteous.

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