Summary Sunday

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a nice day. Mom used to work at a Hallmark shop. She’d watch people come in at the last minute to buy cards. Men came in after a long day. They would get a card for their wife, their mom, or Grandma. Sometimes all three. A little child came along sometimes to get a card for Mommy. Mom loved watching them. The kids loved to pick out the pretty cards.

I love thinking of that and how it is a good example of how to treat someone special. They plant the seed to do some things out of love. Yes, Valentine’s Day is a money-maker. What isn’t? People over-celebrate everything. Does the sentiment get lost? I believe it does a lot. The cards, flowers, dinners, and dancing are nice. So why don’t we treat each other that well other days? I’d prefer excellent treatment every day over a splash once in a while. And it also works both ways. A day doesn’t tell me to be grateful for what a wonderful husband I have. I already should be grateful! And I am.

Starting out as the martyrdom of a Catholic priest named Valentine, and to become the international day of professing love and affection for your lover, friends, and people you admire. That’s a lot of marketing. It’s quite a rebranding effort. A very successful one. The thing I remember most is when the class exchanged Valentines. I don’t recall they forced everyone to give every person one. I was always afraid no one would give me one. I rarely had too many. It relieved me when it was over.

It’s also how I felt when I was single. Men by the hundreds sent flowers to co-workers. I was glad when it was over. I hoped: “maybe next year.” Kind of like a Cubs fan pre-2016. And now? Every day is Valentine’s Day. And Christmas. And Fourth of July. It can be. You can make it that way. Be Kind. Every day. Be Caring. Every Day. Be Courteous. Every Day. Your entire world will be better for it.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a beautiful day and thank you for reading. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Take Care!

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