Cousin Blessings Continue!

As I mentioned Saturday, my cousin Mike and his wife Mary joined us at the Fish Fry Friday night. It was such a pleasant surprise. I felt warmth in my heart all weekend from that. I was super motivated Saturday morning, started a project de-cluttering. I didn’t finish yet, but am focused and ready to dig in. We were further blessed last night by daughter Tracy, husband TJ, Addison and Gavin inviting us to join them for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was a wonderful catch up since they’re quite busy and so are we. Blessings abounded over the weekend.

This morning, there was an Amazon envelope on our doorstep. That is not unusual. This is what it revealed when I opened it.

Monday: Starting the Week Out Right!

My cousin, Jilla Jewell Arthur, suggested this book to me. Jilla, you are 1000% correct. I love it. I love the look, the touch of the paper, the font, the illustrations, the message of the few pages I’ve read. Jilla, you have given me a gift, and thank you so very much! I’m feeling cousin love deep in my heart, continuing from Friday. It’s something encouraging and endearing. Love cousins!

It’s the most beautiful book I’ve ever opened!

So, I must tell you Jilla and I are about ten months apart in age. I’m older. But only a little. We are the only two girls on the Jewell side of my family. There were nine boys. Our Aunt Mary Ann was the only girl, and she had three brothers. I have three brothers, Jilla has two. Jilla and her husband were both teachers, and enjoy traveling. They moved to Minnesota to be close to their grandchildren, in Minnesota and Wyoming, I think.

Grandma Jewell, who I hold as my hero, had the two of us spend the weekend a lot. It was fun. Gram enjoyed it, until we were up too late, or made too much noise. It’s a kid thing. She corrected us and didn’t hold anything against us. She’d have the boys over too, on a different weekend. Good times. Good memories!

With a renewed hope since spring is working it’s way to Nebraska, I have more Kid-Lit videos to view today. Yesterday, the Babe and I took a break, and true to form, didn’t get back to work. It was too nice as we sat in our lawn chairs on the grass. Goldie was exhausted by the time we went inside.

For me today, it’s finish uncluttering the kitchen counters, table, and server. I’m putting my spring decor out this week. I’m ready to pack away the snowman collection. The birds are singing and trees are budding. To be realistic, I predict it will snow at least two more times. It will be good moisture for the flowers and lawn. And it won’t last long at this point in the year.

During this uncluttering, I’m also doing something I vow every year to do, then don’t. It’s file our papers (doctor bills, anything deductible), medical records, etc. This year, I’m doing it! Since I”ll be filing not only our personal taxes, but my business taxes as well, I need to do better than the “here’s last year, mixed together with junk mail and receipts in a computer paper box.” It has a lid, does that help? I’m guessing I’m not the only one who does this. No more. Don’t have time for it. Mom always said I inherited my father’s filing method. Stacking papers. Putting them into a box. Then sorting them out after Christmas all over the huge dining room table we had. It seated 10 – 12 people. I suppose there are worse things to inherit, right? No, I’m not a hoarder. Not at all.

Change IS hard. Beating procrastination is hard. We often lie to ourselves. We never “get to it,” unless we make it public and have accountability for it. Remind me to check in once in awhile and tell you how it’s going. OK, duly noted on the calendar. Authors are real people, too. We fight the same struggles everyone has. So, now you’re holding me accountable. Here we go!

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it. Thanks, cousin Jilla, love to you and all your family. Have a beautiful, productive Monday. Grandson Gavin is visiting after school for awhile, so I’m more motivated to have everything tidied up. See you tomorrow!

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