USPS, My Destination

The most important thing I need to do today is go to the Post Office and mail my little granddaughter Kayla’s birthday gift. She’ll be three. Oh my, how she’s grown. She reminds me so much of her mama when she was little. A little turned up nose, a crazy dancer and face maker, lover of footwear, (she clomps around the house with her dad’s boots on), good sister to her brother. Becky loved her brothers so much. It makes me sad they are all in different cities now, and rarely see each other. Everyone is too busy.

I got her a little lap desk, like to use while sitting on the floor or in the car, and it has a top that opens, to store paper, colors, etc., and I need to put in some fun coloring books or something. I used to love to color with the kids and grandkids. I’ve even taken up adult coloring books, and used to go to color with my mom. It was a throwback to when I was a little girl. My brother Tom was at kindergarten, so Mom and I were home alone, together. We’d sit at the dining room table and color. It was fun.

From three on, a child grows and learns so much, it’s so incredible. I’m missing out on a lot, but hopefully COVID will be under control by summer and we’ll be able to go play with her and her little brother Cody. Until then, it’s pictures and long distance! Masks and hand sanitizer. This is getting old!

Last night, our granddaughter Addison was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. What an accomplishment. She is pretty bored with school, and is going to take AP classes. A woman needs to be intelligent first in these times. A pretty face and nice body don’t last, but intelligence does. She is strong in her beliefs, and formulates her opinions after gathering information. Gosh, I can’t wait to see what she chooses to do with her life! Times are so different now.

I’m lucky to have .some young ladies around me who are at different stages in life. Unlike myself, they are in various stages of becoming while they are maturing. I matured while living life without a lot of my own input. Yes, I chose to get married young. I didn’t realize I could do other things. I didn’t know how I’d pay for college. My parents weren’t behind sharing their financials with anyone. No one did that much in that era.

I see Kayla growing and becoming a young child, still full of wonder. I see Addison embarking on her high school adventure. I pray her heart stays strong. She has so much good in her. She has a strong character, and I admire that. Right now, she’s not one to “go along to get along.” I hope she stays that way.

I see my illustrator, Cartney, as just leaving her high school adventure. For just talking with her a couple of times, she is so focused on what she needs to do to launch out into her own world of I hope it includes working with me on a few more books, I think we will create something good together. We will help each other learn. She knows a lot I don’t know. She’s very confident and relaxed around people. I love that about her. And we do have a lot in common, especially while discussing our brains and what they do during our creative processes. We “get” each other in that respect. I love learning the creative process spans generations of people.

Yes, I’m a late bloomer. I’m just grateful to be here, right now, and being able to do all of this. We’ve published 550 posts on my blog. Some are not very good. Some are very good. It’s all part of the process. All of the women in my life are preparing to achieve, and I’m right there with them. We can all learn from each other, and I’m excited to see where we all will be a year from now. Note to self: Followup in one year, the day after International Women’s Day.

I’m off to the Post Office now. The gift is wrapped, and I’m praying it gets there Saturday, the day before her birthday. Kayla’s a pie baby; 3/14 Love it! Thanks for reading today. Think about the women in your life who are on their way to creating their ways in life. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and to experience. I’m grateful for all of them. Be Safe out there, Be Kind, Be Courteous. We will see each other tomorrow. Blessings.

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