Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Shhhhh! The staff here at the Home Office in Gretna is sleeping! I’ve never made it into the office and not awakened them! Maybe we can get something done this morning before the incessant games of “Fetch” begin. So far, so good. The past few days, they’ve been outside a lot and love it. They are more tired than a three-year-old who plays out all day, comes in smelling like spring, and falls asleep on their dinner plate.

What does spring smell like? The kids would wear their hoodies outside. There was a chill in the air. They would smell like fresh air and dirt. Seriously! My favorite smell in the world. Next to smelling a freshly bathed baby in soft sleepers fall asleep on your shoulder. I never wanted to put them down. It’s been a long time since I held a baby.

First thing on my list today is to publish a story about our remodeling at the VFW Post 2503. We have transformed it into a beautiful room that should be more attractive to people looking for a rental room. In the Omaha area. Check it out on http://www.vfwpost2503.org this afternoon. I’m the Webmaster for them and myself. My brother-in-law Brad is the Grand Poobah of the Internet, though. He’s amazing.

I’m halfway finished reading my fellow author and friend’s book. Shannon Schofield now has two published books; one a memoir, and another one, “Busted Flat in Union Springs.” Shannon and her feral dog turned rescue dog turned pet wrote the story. Rescuing this guy, Martin McGhee, was a feat. The link takes you to Amazon, where you could purchase both of her books.

Shannon does a marvellous job of conversation with Martin as he asks questions and fills in the blanks of his memories. They rescued each other. And she respects where he came from. He accepts her love. Isn’t that what we ask for when we rescue an animal? We rescued both our Lexie and Roxie from the start. I’m tearing up while thinking of them when we got them – 3 1/2 and 4 pounds each. Their Mom was sick, so we got them at 4 weeks old. Very little. Shannon got Martin who was hurt and had a back leg amputated. Martin tells her of all his experiences. She listens. It’s an awesome concept. I’m thinking my grandson Gavin may enjoy reading it. I should finish it today. Good job, Shannon!

About an hour has passed since I sat down here to write. The staff is just now stirring. Hope they had a good nap. The wind is terrible this morning. Storms will happen after the Rockies have snow dumped on them to the tune of 32 – 91 INCHES. Yes, it’s true. My daughter Rebecca confirmed it. I hope Kayla’s birthday gift gets delivered Friday. Oh, well. It’ll do what it does, you know? Of course, the 91 inches if for up in the mountains, not the foothills.

As I’m wading through more videos of the Women in Publishing Conference, I want to thank you for reading today. I appreciate it so much. Catch Shannon’s book if you’d like something down to earth to read. Read to you children today, too. Make the time for it. You will see what good it does for them. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be Safe out there today. Be Kind. And be Courteous. The world needs more of it.

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