Friday Fryday!

It’s still Lent and area churches and organizations are having their Fish Fry’s. Our VFW Post is following suit today, and if you’re out and about in Omaha, Nebraska, swing up to 90th & Military and have a dinner. Check out our newly remodeled North Rental Room. It’s beautiful.

I had a whirlwind day today. The Babe was home but I got to take Mom to get cat food, and go to Hobby Lobby. She had a variety of things to buy and headed off towards the Clearance Section in search of Christmas Decorations. That woman! She’s definitely got an addiction, a habit to feed. There goes the inheritance! LOL.

I bought some pretty flowers to place in a partially opened umbrella, secure with ribbon and a giant bow, and hang on the front door instead of a spring wreath. I’ll see how it looks and post a photo after I finish it. Something different is always nice, isn’t it?

I’m still straightening and freshening up our home. Having two big dogs makes the house stinkier. The Babe has volunteered to vacuum for the rest of his life. Babe, have I told you lately how much I love you? He is wonderful. And he empties the canister that’s full of dog hair. What a guy!

The viewing of the Kid-Lit videos is going well. I am learning a lot, although belated. I have changes to make to my book. I expected to cut out a lot of writing once the illustrations are done. We are meeting in April sometime to go over cover art and beginning page art. I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading today. I’m off to enjoy the Fish Dinner. Hope you’re ready for a relaxing weekend. I have a book to finish reading and it’s more classes to view. It’ll be busy, but it’s nearly spring. We can handle it, folks. Have a beautiful weekend. See you tomorrow.

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