Opinions and Attitudes

Have you ever met someone who was so certain an obscure fact of theirs was gospel truth? All the while, they repeated their litany, sure they were further dispersing valid information. Maybe you hadn’t heard yet. As Cliff Claven would say, “It’s a well-known fact . . . ” You may follow their facts and opinions until one day you discover they were, in fact, very wrong about their deductions. Maybe nothing will be further from the truth. Maybe it turns out they’re dead wrong. They may still cling to their information as gospel truth. They can do that, even though they’re wrong.

A person’s opinion is only as good as the information they’ve received. If they don’t vet what they believe, it’s on them. You may investigate, and discover their opinion is wrong. Their information is incorrect. You form a different opinion, based on your vetted information. You can do that.

Having the “intestinal fortitude,” as the old nuns used to say, to question others opinions and information is stepping closer to the truth. Your truth. And in knowing the truth, you will be set free. Free from the bondage of blindly following along, ignoring the signs pointing to a different truth than what you’ve always followed. You learn and grow, creating your own attitudes. In creating your own attitudes, you create your own world. I hope it’s a good one.

One of the things I had to learn was to stop doing things because “our family always did things this way.” I discovered other families might yell and holler at each other, but they cleared the air. They didn’t carry baggage from one disagreement to another. Carrying a grudge is dysfunctional behavior. The baggage gets very heavy. How great a burden that weighs you down. You cannot enjoy anything. In our house, after Mom yelled, ranted, and raved, the cold-shoulder silent treatment was used. When Mom was upset, she would slam things. Cupboard doors, pots and pans, you heard her anger. It led to me being anxious. I know she learned that behavior from her mother. I remembered how it scared me.

So here we all are, trying to discover our truths. Some don’t care to find theirs. I need to find mine. I need to find out why I felt like I didn’t belong in my family sometimes. Not only for being the only girl, but also for having different ideas from Mom. Free thinking wasn’t considered “obedient.” In eighth grade, I wrote an essay about rock and roll. I patterned it after a Tiger Beat magazine review, telling how it was “here to stay” regardless of what anyone else thought. The principal called my mother and told her I was being disrespectful to her by what I wrote, and especially since I wasn’t getting brownie points for calling classical music my favorite. Most of the other kids played it safe and lauded classical music. I think I had to apologize. Sheesh!I hated having to do that.

Speak your truth. Even if you disagree with the person in charge. They may call your mom and report you, but at least they’ll know you’re honest. Enjoy this sunny day. The pups are napping and I’m hoping to get some website stuff done. Have a beautiful afternoon. We have another Fish Fry at the VFW today, so it’ll be fun to see our friends again. Be Safe out there. Be Kind and Be Thoughtful. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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