This Thursday-Let There Be Light!

Or at least some sunlight. This dreariness is getting old! Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs when the days are colder and shorter, producing less daylight. People can become depressed, calling it the winter blues. Spring is not very bright this year, and despite being on Daylight Savings Time, cloud cover has ruled now for many, many days. People like Mom, with limited vision, have a much harder time.

The more I read about discovering who you are, the more I find nuggets of truth that resonate with me. Growing up, I felt very different from my three brothers. I felt as if I didn’t belong. That feeling of not belonging grew when Dad died. He was the one who made sanity out of the chaos for me. It felt darker. It was. Being on this thirty years plus journey to find my truth and way, it’s been a combination of light and dark. Always light when a new truth comes into view.

When the Babe came into my life, someone turned on a spotlight. His humor, love, and encouragement has helped me grow and shine. My truth is now lighting my own way, coupled with his. Opposite as we are in some ways, similarities abound in others. The wisdom gained now lights my way. The darkness is still there, and I don’t explore it. Untruths live there, and if they are tended, they will grow and block out the light. Just being aware of what could happen is enough to keep me from looking into the corners. I don’t want the darkness of negativity to make me go backwards and lose my way. Awareness keeps that from happening.

I’m going to do some reading the rest of the day, to make sure I stay in my light, my truth. Its been a hard week, one of our friends lost her husband to cancer earlier this week. It’s sad to witness, it hits too close to home. Nugent, we’ll miss you. You were a good friend, a very generous man. Thank you for your service to our country.

Be Safe. Be Courteous. Be Grateful. Be Kind, someone out there needs it. Thank you for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow!

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