Happy Easter, 2021!

This is one beautiful day outside, folks. Throughout my 60 + years on this earth, I’ve seen many kinds of weather for this day. Of course, since Easter is based on the phases of the moon and is never on the same date, the weather can vary greatly because of that. This year, however, I believe it’s beautiful outside as a symbol of our hope returning after last year.

The year of COVID-19 had us all in a state of stress and wonder. Some of us fared worse than others. Some people lost jobs, money, housing, and any sense of security we had. Our children suffered through remote learning and not seeing their friends, if only on a screen. Child care turned into a parent working from home, and stress was there, finding families trying to make the best of a bad situation. Sadly, the husband of Omaha’s mayor, a reknowned trauma surgeon, took his own life last month. Sadness overloads.

After receiving both vaccinations, the Babe and I feel better. I’m choosing not to think about the issue of “the vaccine will give you protection for six months.” Six months? That doesn’t seem long enough. Wow. Nope, I will not stress over it. I’m choosing to be grateful there is a vaccine. I’m praying I finally get to meet our youngest grandson, Cody Wyatt. He has a disarming smile that makes me melt, even just from a photo. He was born in January. If you have a spare prayer or two, please offer it for us. We appreciate it! Let us know if we can return the favor some day.

I feel some revitalizing energy this week. I think it’s from the hope of spring and the changes in nature we observe from our deck. I have promised myself to get more organized and not let so many things go too long without tending to them. If I keep things tidier, it won’t be overwhelming. Last year in May, we lost our cleaning lady. Since the babe was home and we quarantined, so we sort of kept up. I looked around this much later and see things I don’t like. Knowing I’m the only one that can change the situation is making me change some habits. They may seem small, but it’s a bunch of little things together that will help.

Have you ever seen the meme about laundry? It says the clothes get folded 7 – 10 business days later. I fell into that category. I got to dislike the clothes baskets. During the last two weeks, I’ve folded the clothes the same day they’re washed. Just standing long enough to do those tasks has my back hurting. But the work is done. It’ll hurt no matter when I stand up and fold clothes, so I might as well get it over with. So I do.

Dusting is another bane to my existence. I really don’t like doing it. It’s an endless chore. And our headboard and foot board have this ridiculous lattice like cut outs that are constantly dusty. They will now be dusted at least once a week. It’s the only way to stay ahead of it. And the electronics. Dust magnets, they are. Well no more. That’s my next vow.

Once we have those habits established, the Babe’s office will be cleared out of stuff we don’t need. The thing about extra room is we tend to get more stuff. Stuff we don’t need. We both were bad about mail, receipts, etc. Next year’s taxes will be easy to do, I’m going to keep stuff filed where it belongs, it’ll be easy to grab a file of medical expenses instead of flipping through hundreds of papers. All little steps that will make life easier.

We all have things we need to change. Let’s do it together. You’ll have more time to engage in things you love. Playing with your kids or grandkids. Writing the next great American novel. Painting a masterpiece for your friends to see. Woodworking. Building toys. Volunteering. Reading. Or all of the above!

I’m starting a Carol Gino led challenge this week, from Wednesday until Friday. It’s called, “Women in Life Transition: Bring ALL of you to Life!” It’s a Facebook challenge, and I need to check the time. Check it out if you think you’d be interested. It will help determine your soul’s purpose. I believe I know what mine is, but it may be totally different than what I think. You never know. I’m grateful for the opportunity to discover it. Check Soul Star Academy on Facebook for more information.

Thank you all for reading today. May you all have a peaceful afternoon and evening. I’m grateful for you being here. Feel free to comment, and it’d be great if folks would share their e-mail addresses. Then I can send you personalized info about my books and several other things we’re working on. Be Kind. Be Purposeful. Be Compassionate. Be Who You Looked Up to As A Child. And stay safe out there. See you tomorrow!

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