April 12, 1982

It’s the 39th anniversary of my first day at work, my first full time paying job since 1970. It was my first day of being the breadwinner. Sure, the court awarded child support. It was a paltry amount, $133.33 per child. I had three, ages 10, 7, and 3. I went headlong into the unknown. At $5.50 an hour, (minimum wage), I was determined to work, continue going to school for a Medical Secretary certification, and take business classes. It was a whole new world.

I remember it well; I was about to turn 30, just divorced, and gaining confidence in myself and my new life. Things were good. Later in the month, the divorce would be granted, and we would have six months to reconcile. Not a chance, I’d had enough. I just couldn’t stay with someone who had no goals, plans, dreams, for his life. He thought I should be the same. I’ve never looked back. True story. No regrets, ever.

There would be months of near despair, financial disaster, and deep lonliness, but never regretted the divorce. I’m sure it was harder than the kids acted like, but they seemed happy and close. They live in three separate cities now, and have grown apart. I’m sad about that, but can’t fix it. Life has improved so much every year, I cannot believe it. Our volunteering at the VFW Post is rewarding. We are leading the Community Outreach efforts, and people are responding enthusiastically. People want to help. It’s awesome to see.

Today, I met the Babe at the Post and we went to a feed store near the VFW. They had some Amish outdoor furniture that was made from composite boards. They are guaranteed (color included) for 20 years. That could be the rest of our lives! Wow! The kids may have something of value to fight over after all! Get your names on the list for sure!

As soon as it’s warm enough in the mornings, it’ll be coffee on the deck, every chance we get. We did that last year, skipping the “news” coverage, and felt great. We’d sit out until the sun cleared the trees, then it was time to get ready for the day. We loved it. Look forward to it again.

It’s late in the day again for a Blog, but it couldn’t be helped. The Babe and I have a philosophy. Might as well spend every minute possible with each other, we never know when it could end. Suddenly. Tragically. That’s life. Especially now.

I’ll be looking at the Geraniums in the next couple weeks. We have a nursery in Gretna called “Sun Valley Nursery.” They specialize in Geraniums you cannot believe, and Pointsettias at Christmas time. I’ve not gone at Christmas, as the Pointsettia is poisonous to dogs. Last year, the Geraniums sold out before I went. Not this year! I’m dreaming of pretty flowers.

I hope you have a beautiful day today. The earth is so beautiful this time of year. Enjoy your evening, thanks for reading, and be kind! It’s the decent thing to be. See you tomorrow!

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