Wednesday Already?

What a great creative week it is. Of course, most of the progress happened in my mind, but progress is progress, especially for an author. My heart is so happy, and it’s awesome when we feel this way, right? Oh, to figure out what helps us feel this way. What is it?

I’m so lucky to have the Babe. I’m still smitten after all these years. We spent the rare day together yesterday, and it was very nice. He worked in the yard with the puppies. They loved being outside nearly all day. He had his hearing tested at the VA late in the day. New hearing aids to come. I hope this helps him know more of what goes on around him. Hearing loss is very isolating. If I could pick one to lose, I suppose it’d be hearing. Seeing would be horrible. My mom felt this way and ended up losing both senses. It’s very sad. And more isolating. We sat in our new rocking chairs on the deck. It was perfect. Blessed and grateful.

We are just on the cusp of Spring. Spring is my favorite until Fall comes. Even though it’s freezing here, I don’t think I’d want to move away and not have four seasons. My arthritis would thank me, but it just wouldn’t be home, you know? So it makes me feel happiness to have four seasons. Seriously. What else?

Discovering my truth over the last 25 years has been very freeing. I’ve had to admit to a lot of things I wish I hadn’t done. The things I’m glad I did stand on their own. Getting divorced. Finishing my education. Learning how to create opportunities. If you pay attention, they give us hints about which path we should follow. I’m grateful to be aware of those hints. It makes me happy I’m taking calculated risks and succeeding. Who are they? God and maybe a white-haired guardian angel or two. My medical history alone would scare an Archangel. 

I’m so glad “Why not?” has entered my mind. Do what no one has done before. Why not? If I were to be stuck at “Why?” it would be too easy to not take any risk. Nothing will be as scary in my life as two things: When my child drowned (something I’d always feared would happen); and when I filed for divorce with no recent work experience and being home with my kids for 11 years. My mom was pretty mad at me for divorcing. I would not have my kids grow up in an unhappy house, with a very unhappy Mom. It worked. And I thank God for showing me the way.

I’m especially glad to have waited for someone to love me. Just as I am. The Babe has never felt threatened by my success, or that I earned more money than he did. In his best Sam Elliott voice, he said, “Sweetheart, that doesn’t bother me a bit.” What an authentic man. Not threatened. Supportive. Truly wanting what I think is best for me. So glad to be supported like this. If I survive him, it will be such an enormous loss. A huge empty spot in my life. I vow to enjoy every day we have. Some days aren’t the greatest. We cheer each other up if needed. I’m learning about many volunteer opportunities which could fill my time should the worst happen. I do better when in a crisis when I’m helping others. Coping mechanism. We know the one left will survive. It doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. We know. Enjoy your today’s. 

My header photo today is actual proof you can grow celery in your home, in a little water (I change it every day). The Babe laughs at me sometimes. Heck, sometimes I laugh at myself. I read it would work, so I tried it. It’s actually kind of fun. Let the little kids do this. They’ll learn something. And since we’re still doing KETO dieting, Cream Cheese stuffed celery is a great snack for us. Protein and veggies. What a combination! We’ll have a harvest party when the time is right. Make your own fun. It makes me happy.

We’re Going for Feeding Orioles This Summer. I’ve Seen Some Around Before. Trying New Stuff Makes Me Happy!

I’ve started reading “A Dream About Lightening Bugs,” by Ben Folds. Mr. Folds is an American singer-songwriter and he’s telling his story. It’s all about stories. They make me happy, too. Even if they’re sad, this story is not sad. He must be a wonderful, creative, empathetic person. It’ll be a pleasant afternoon, too chilly to sit outside. The dogs are napping. I love when they do that, too. I get more accomplished. I’m looking forward to seeing our friends tonight at dinner. We have such a fun time. Wednesdays are fun. They make me happy, too.

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it. I’ll have a cover to introduce our book soon. It’s coming. That makes me happy! Have a beautiful rest of Wednesday and we’ll see each other tomorrow. Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Fair. Life might not be, but you can! Blessings, friends. Be careful.

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