Midday Wednesday

Busy morning today, amidst a cold wind and overnight freeze (again). A friend is going camping with the family over the weekend and is concerned about de-winterizing vs. not. I know nothing about those things, but I know it would be serious. Hope all turns out well. Winter is hanging on with both hands, and I’m ready for it to leave.

Had a good check up today, he’s happy for me losing 30 pounds since last year. I am, too. Keto is working, and I’m staying on it for sure. It’d be good to get where I belong, but I don’t know exactly where that should be. Different charts, etc. My blood pressure was normal for a change, my bloodwork was good, and I just need to come back in six months. Mammogram time then. I’m grateful to be as healthy as I am.

The burden of chronic pain is draining. Sleeping is difficult and I’ve finally learned if I need a nap, I need a nap. It makes life a lot easier for me. Try it, you may like it. It reduces the stress and helps you feel more rested. It’s funny to think of a baby or toddler who doesn’t want to nap. Their grandparents probably do, with no problem. Whenever I encounter a crying child in a store, I check what time it is. Nine of ten times, it’s about nap time. Time to go home, little mama. They’ll be better after a nap. You won’t have such a struggle with them, either.

My splurge for myself today. Beautiful suede gloves, I could live without the pom-pom but I’ll leave them on.

New Gloves. Aren’t They Beautiful?

There is a gift shop to browse in the building our doctor’s office and pharmacy is housed. I saw these suede gloves and had to get them. I need a new pair anyway, and usually wear black leather gloves, switching one “good” pair from coat to coat. There are staying with my black wool coat. It’s a midi length, and these will look great with it. It felt good to treat myself and not feel guilty about it. Besides, they were only $14.80. That made it even better!

Of course, we discussed COVID/Quarantine/Masks/No Masks/Vaccinations or Not. He shared some of his frustration with people who refuse to believe the grave situation we’ve been in. Being a person of science, it’s hard to accept people are ignoring evidence of what’s been going on. And some very intelligent people think the rules don’t apply to them. It has to be so frustrating for a physician to see. I can see where he may think “Why do we bother?” I pray he doesn’t give up. He is a brilliant physician. He’s saved the Babe’s life several times by not liking what he saw on an EKG. The Babe was having stents done three days later. Thanks, Doc!

The conversation made me think of the Mayor of Omaha, whose husband committed suicide within the last month. He was a brilliant trauma surgeon and trained many of the fire department’s Paramedics. Somewhere, he lost hope. He lost his will. I pray for any other person in the medical field who is feeling anger, frustration, and hopeless. You are needed. Your instructions are heeded by most people. There will always be some people who believe they’re above the vaccine, the mask, and the rules. Unfortunate for the rest of us, their actions can affect us or our loved ones in a very bad way. I don’t want my husband, kids, or grandkids to contract COVID from anyone with this attitude. Please re-think our situation. Be part of the greater good. Mask, vaccinate, socially distance. It’s the right thing for all of us to do. You are affecting more people than you think.

Thanks for reading today. Do the right thing, please. We will see each other tomorrow, for sure. Be Safe. Be Careful. Be Part of the Solution!

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