Super Sunday!

Hi, boys & girls! We’re recuperating from an action packed Saturday. Gavin played two ball games. The weather was hot, which was a significant contrast to last week in the cold. The 40 MPH wind could have left town. The dirt, dust, and gravel that blew every direction was miserable. You could feel the dirt on your face. It made me think of two things.

First, of all the soldiers who have lived in those conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever else the sand storms are brutal. I cannot imagine living in those conditions for months and years on end. Thank you, all of you, for protecting freedom. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you!

Second, my mind went to a book I read about the “Dust Bowl” in the 1920s, called “The Worst Hard Time.” I first heard of it when the Rev. Nancy Davis gave a sermon about it at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church several years ago. It was a riveting sermon and book as well.

From what I can recall from History Class as a kid, the frontier expansion of the United States to gain territories and make them states, proper land management, poor farming practices, and a host of other things, the soil would never recover. This book will open your eyes to what went on during that terrible time. Read the book. It can help you understand where this country has been, and how we still need to preserve what we have.

The four photos above show the Car Show we’re currently having at the VFW Post 2503 at 90th & Military Ave in Omaha, Nebraska. We invited Guitars for Vets to play this afternoon. It’s very soothing in the background. We are proud to support this organization, and hope you will, too. It’s a crazy time right at the moment. We have raffle baskets, and grilled food, so if you’re near us, come on up!

Folks, we’ll have to talk tomorrow. I have some other tasks to do, and need to fulfill my duties volunteering here. Aren’t these cars cool? There are over 120 of them. And Dave Mike, of Guitars for Vets, has a beautiful guitar here. He uses it at all the Legions and Posts. Check them out Facebook, and Twitter.

Have a beautiful day and help someone out today. Make a phone call, send a note. Be Kind. Thank you for reading. We’ll see each other tomorrow.

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