Fabulous Friday

Here at the Home Office of Jewell Publishing, LLC; Kathy Raabe, Author; and Grandma Kathy it’s another overcast day. Most other years by the day before my birthday, I’m excited out of my mind. Birthday’s are my favorite day of all. Better than Christmas or Fourth of July, it’s a day we usually have all to ourselves! I love celebrating everyone’s special day.

The Babe and I don’t exchange gifts (his birthday is two days after mine). We usually go out to one special dinner (often the day between), and call it good. Mr. Low-Key, the Babe is. And don’t even think of telling the folks at Texas Roadhouse it’s his birthday. Or mine. We have been so busy lately, when he left this morning, he said, “Meet me for lunch, then we’re coming home and sitting on the deck.” You don’t have to ask this girl twice. Ima be there!

As I’ve aged, I’ve come to appreciate the simple things. As kids, we were taught to look for them. We found them a lot. I remember playing with my brothers in the dirt in our back yard. We all did. As I got older, I watched the two younger ones. Good times. Shooting marbles. Roller skating (the old school skates, you wore your brown leather shoes, so there was a surface to tighten the skate to. We carried the key with us, you never knew when you’d need to tighten up). Remember, the only “tennis” shoe was Keds. Good times.

Fast forward through life, and I’m glad to still have those memories. I think all people forget somewhat, but so far, no signs of memory issues. I will thank God to my dying day if He spares me and my family that cross to bear. It is such a sad transition. We have a couple friends with the disease and you just feel helpless. For your own sake, you have to be kind. You owe your friends that. Yes, it’s hard to see. They would likely do it for you. Don’t forget them in their need. You will grow as a person.

I Get Such a Kick Out of This Stuff! I’m a Big Deal to ULINE! Hey Babe! You’ve Got Mail!

I’m pretty excited every time I get new mail for my LLC. Hey! I have an LLC! What an exciting thing to happen for a woman who will slide headfirst into her “VERY” late 60s tomorrow. Yes, I’ve to decided approach the rest of this life like Pete Rose sliding into home. Charlie Hustle was something to watch in action. It was when baseball had people who weren’t paid anything close to what they should have been. They loved the game that much.

Of course, in my mind I can do the slide-head-first-into-home-plate. I’d hate to see how badly my body would react if I actually attempted to do it. It would be ugly, I’m sure. And it would likely look much worse. But in my writer’s imagination, I can do it, jump up, and brush the dirt off. I loved the Reds in the 70’s. And especially Pete. Great times. So, that’s how this woman is approaching the rest of my life. With excitement, energy, and passion. Great things are coming, I just know it.

As you go about the rest of your day, smile. Even if you’re still mandated to wear a mask, smile anyway. Your eyes will show you’re smiling at people. I miss doing that so they see us. I love to smile at shy children. It’s hard to do that, because children are so cautious now. Stranger Danger. Yes, it’s a dangerous world. I hate that. As children, we grew up in an old neighborhood. All the neighbors were in their 50s and 60s. They mostly had grey or white hair. They were retired. Many ladies were widows. Men died young in those days, often by heart attacks. But we could trust them. While our parents were the youngest in the neighborhood, now Mom, a widow herself, is the oldest neighbor. Life marches on, doesn’t it?

Be Safe out there. Thank you for reading. Thanks for being here. Thanks for the encouragement you all give me to reach my lifelong dream. I’m already published with the blog. I’ll a published author with a real cook, the kind you can hold in your hand. The kind with legaleze printed on a page declaring this stuff is Cartney’s and mine. A first for both of us. I’m as excited for her as I am for myself. See you tomorrow! It’s a big day!

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