Short Week Ahead!

After a Holiday weekend that included a graduation party and a ceremony at the Post to honor those who gave their lives for our freedoms, it’s full speed ahead into June. Once I finish highlighting the words I expect to remove from my kid book, it’ll be shared with Cartney to illustrate. I must say, I’m getting pretty excited to see the next step of the project.

In the meantime, after the Babe’s ladder fall last week, I’m driving him until the docs say he can. Men don’t take too kindly to that of thing, trust me. We’ve been through this several times. Sure, it messes my day up, but I can get writing done without interruptions. I just take my stuff (the laptop and the Chrome Book) and find a quiet place. I can do my thing pretty much anywhere. The pups miss us, though.

Yesterday, we had a beautiful tribute to our Veterans who lost their lives defending out freedoms. Our Chaplain asked us to remember soldiers we knew of who died in any war. My two were James Morrison, the older brother of a boy from high school, and a man who was ahead of me in high school, and was a POW, Michael Bosilivac. He was shot down over Vietnam in 1972, and his remains were returned in 1988. His wife Kay was relentless in getting answers to her questions. She was very determined to get information. Through her efforts, many POW/MIA wives and families are able to get information about their loved ones. She is a true hero for many.

A thing we’re seeing at the Post as we we attract the younger Veterans and their families is parents are teaching the deep respect they have for the military and police to their children. It is something almost impossible to describe. It’s a throwback to when we were young. Before Vietnam, and the terrible way America treated it’s Veterans. It’s taken a long time, but they are back where they should be. And it will continue that way, as long as parents teach their kids about the respect and love for country. I captured this photo during Taps. The two fathers here with some of their children. It warmed my heart tremendously.

Respect is Taught. Veteran fathers and their families during TAPS.

As I smile at the memories from the weekend, I am very hopeful. America will carry on. It will take work, but it always has. We can work together to bridge gaps, teach and learn, and understand we really are all equal. And we need to follow the rules. They exist for a reason. And the basic laws of civility are based on the Ten Commandments, if you really analyze it.

When I heard Rev. J Keith Cook reveal that in a sermon over ten years ago, it stuck with me. The impact is lasting. Worship God. Revere your parents. Don’t lie. Don’t slander. Don’t lust after someone else’s wife. Don’t want your neighbor’s stuff. Don’t worship false gods. Refrain from killing, lying, stealing, and bad language. It sounds simple enough. Let’s start with kindness. A little goes a long way.

Thank you for reading today. I appreciate it. Hoping you have a great day. Somedays we need to work on it, but we can make it happen! See you tomorrow!

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