Wow! It’s Wednesday!

And it’s the afternoon already. It’s sped by. I was at the Post with the Babe, for him to do some work. We had lunch and came home to let the pups out. They ran a little bit, and they just want to be with us. That’s why I love dogs. They don’t care, they love unconditionally.

The Babe finally sees our primary care physician tomorrow. I’m not sure what he’ll do other than get his own notes updated. I doubt he’ll be able to drive so soon. I don’t think it’s possible to heal in ten days. We’ll see how that works tomorrow.

Today was finally the day! Cartney is now in possession of the laid out book, and she will begin her fun illustrations. I love her work. Very soon, you will have a preview of her work. I’m excited not just for her, but for me, too! It’s starting off to be a fun summer. YAY!

I find it fascinating how places like Direct TV can make promises on reduced monthly fees. They want you to call every month to have a credit applied to your account. The Customer Service people know nothing about such discounts. It has been “promised” for 12 months. We have to call and argue every month. I think they assume most people will simply give up. It’s all streaming from now on. And we’ll get an antenna for each tv now. There’s nothing worth the aggravation.

We need to go back to the Post soon, and get ready for Hamburger Night. Time with our friends is always good, I hope it cheers the Babe up some. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you tomorrow! Be Safe. Be Kind. It will make a difference.

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