Thursday Thoughts

Well, catching up after a crazy day. The Babe is still hurting pretty bad. He’s got a lot of body aches and pains. Really bad bruises on his legs. The Doc had ultrasounds done, and I’m happy there is no blood clot that needs to be dealt with. I’m shocked he is cleared for driving. Shortly before we found that out, we saw a horrific accident on 90th Street.

The report is a person ran a red light, driving at a high rate of speed, and without a license, smashed into a pickup truck, killing two people, and splitting the truck in half. We saw the aftermath of that horrific scene. It was very, very frightening.

A person’s mind goes all sorts of places. My first thought was, “I hope this wasn’t a person who crashed because of an unknown medical condition.” Now that I see the person shouldn’t even have been driving, I’m angry. For the 58 year old man and 56 year old woman who were driving today, and that was the end of their lives. Someone broke the law and committed motor vehicular homicide in the process.

Hoping tomorrow we are back to some sort of schedule, and out blog will be published in the mornings. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, ask for good Karma, and hope for me to God it’s his will to restore the Babe back to health. This getting older stuff is NOT for sissies. Or 71 year old men who climb ladders as if they’re 21. Safety first, folks! Thanks for reading, and I hope we see each other tomorrow. Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Careful.

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