June 13, 2021

It’s the start of another hot day. We’re talking 90s all week, folks. Higher humidity, too. It’s just what you get in Nebraska in the summer. Hot & humid, cool off, rainy, hot & humid. Predictable. It’s ok.

I have a couple of hanging baskets to fill today. Someone had extras from the cemetery and donated them. Outstanding. They are petunias, which I hadn’t purchased. Now to plant and tend them. I really love doing. Check each day if they need water, fill up containers, bring them out to water. It’s kind of built in quiet time for me. I’m lucky to use several times like that during a day.

My first summer read this year is “The Social Graces” by Renee Rosen. It’s a fascinating look at the Gilded Age in America. It has familiar names like Vanderbilt and Astor. It examines what roles women in the upper crust of Manhattan have, and how they use the power they create to get their way. They manipulate the men around them and the world seems to listen. As long as their husbands are the ones speaking about their wives’ ideas. During this era, women had no rights at all. We know the women for dowry, pedigree, and their connections. I am grateful we don’t live that way today. I am enjoying it a lot, but don’t seem to get much quality reading time these days.

At 11 a.m. it’s a sticky 83 degrees already. These are the days we’d read a library book. I’d often sit on our front porch and get lost in the fiction’s wonders I read as a kid. I remember stories about pioneer kids on the prairie, ancient Egyptian life, some astronomy books, but mostly fiction tales. I can’t name any more at the present, but we read voraciously all summer, every summer. Once in a while as I’m reading now, I flashback to those days so long ago. It’s a pleasant memory of childhood. That and riding bikes in the neighborhood. And I can’t forget roller skating on the bumpy sidewalks. What a challenge!

How are you spending your summer? Trips? Concerts? Long walks? The Beach? The Mountains? A couple months ago, we purchased some Amish made adirondack chairs and a couple rocking chairs. They’re built to last. A 20-year guarantee! We’re 69 and 71, what are the odds? Those will be the last chairs we’ll need to buy. Nice feeling!

We plan to sit and talk as much as we can. Realities are chatted about. We’re making plans should “the worst” happen. It’s what people our ages should be doing. We’ll fill our kids in on the details later. But we each know what the other wants. I feel better knowing. I feel better telling.

The pups and I are going out to water plants. They’ll probably sleep in the sun until I finish. And then want to come in. And I have to hose off the patio. It’s shady by this time of day. Besides, the birds from the nest under the deck must have had a darned sea gull party out there one night. It’s really riddled with bird poo. Yuck! All over the Babe’s chair! (LOL!)

Enjoy whatever you do today. Even if it’s cleaning bird poo from a chair. Reframe what you’re doing! Just consider it a cleanup and afterwards, you will enjoy the clean. It helps. Now, on to the plants. Be Safe out there today. Be Kind. Be Kind to Yourself, too. We will see each other again tomorrow.

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