I’m pretty mad right now. As I was sitting down to write after having a big scare and dental emergency this morning, I saw an email from Walmart, telling me my order was ready in Council Bluffs. I didn’t order anything. The order said I ordered an iPhone. The heck I did!

Check the checking account. Dangit! Pending payment for a large amount of money. And a pending credit for the same. My debit card is now going to be reissued, and I am angry at Walmart. Did they have a recent data breach? Was it in the news? No, I’m angry with the people who have to steal from those of us who don’t hurt anybody. Those of us who work hard and pay out bills and taxes. Yes. I just want to be left alone. Hackers! I extremely dislike them.

I believe the majority of people are good, honest, and kind. It’s those few who aren’t who make the rest of us lack trust in the world. I will not let it happen. Thieves are few and far between. No longer will I pick up groceries after ordering online. I like the convenience and I don’t like grocery shopping, but no more. My debit card may not get here for ten days or so, but it’ll be ok.

I’ll have to return tomorrow, things aren’t too conducive to creative writing right now. We’re going to the Post for the usual Wednesday dinner, so that should be a good distraction to the bit of drama going on. Just so my account isn’t compromised anymore. That could be a disaster. Be kind. Be patient. Be the change we need. Take care! See you tomorrow.

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