Yes, many of us are afraid of spiders. I don’t care for them. I’m not into relocation, but this morning was an exception. While vacuuming the tiled floor in the laundry room, I moved the trash can from the corner, and there it was. A spider the size of a 53 Buick! Oh no! It tried to get away from the Shark Vacuum Cleaner I weilded at it, and it lost the battle. After I got dressed, I took the dust bin outside and released the 50 pounds of dog hair into the trash can. No sign of the spider. Maybe it’s allergic to dogs. Maybe it died in the container. I just know I don’t want to meet it again.

It was rather large, dark brown or black spider. It could have been a large house spider. I’m not alarmed, and don’t think we’re infested by any means. It was large, and I did not like it. I know most folks catch and release them, but I don’t always. This one, if it lived through the vacuuming up process, is happily in the trash can outside right now. I suppose it could have survived the thrill ride of the vacuum by getting caught in the hose along the way, but I doubt it. I’m picturing the spider putting it’s very long legs all out, stiff, and holding on so it wouldn’t be sucked along the hose. It could happen, you know.

In which case, he’s in a corner somewhere in the house right now, mocking me. It could happen, too. Stranger things have happened, right? While looking to make sure I spelled arachnophobia correctly, Google sprung up with not only the spelling, but the definition of an Arachnoid Cyst. I was floored. You see, I had one once in my spine.

The articles were quite informative, and mentioned the most common arachnoid cysts are present at birth, they’re created by the layers of covering on the spinal cord and brain, and fill usually with spinal fluid. Most people go through life and never know they have one. Most of them are also confined to the brain. Most of them also occur in males. Most times when fluid leaks it can cause severe issues. Many times a bleed or rupture can occur and the patient can have lasting affects.

We don’t know when mine started, but it was around the spinal cord, and filling with spinal fluid. I would have been paralyzed if the neuro department hadn’t recognized what it was. Of course, I fit none of the normal categories of this medical issue. Female, 43 years old, around the spine, it could have been there all my life. We’ll never know. It won’t grow back, it was perforated and is still in there. It cannot possibly fill up. Trying to untangle it would have been impossible. As it was, the surgery was over eight hours. Being face down all that time, I looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll for a week. It was weird.

I’m so grateful to God for delivering me from paralysis. I’m grateful I survived and thrived. I am afraid of THIS type of arachnoid, not the eight legged ones. I hope should I ever encounter another one, I can step on it and flatten it before it flattens me again.

Moral of this story is: Maybe I need to quit cleaning. Then there will be no more icky spiders to battle. No, I won’t quit cleaning. Whether you clean today or do something more fun, do ti with happiness and joy. Yes, it’s sometimes a pain, but that just means you have possessions. Some folks don’t. Some sleep on the ground outside. We are blessed. Spread some joy around out there, I plan to, today and every day. Let’s meet again tomorrow. Be Kind. Be Safe out there. Be Patient with each other and especially with yourselves.

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