Thursday Thoughts

It was a dark and stormy night.

Goldie spent the night sitting on my head (almost). She had to be on my pillow with me. It was noisy and she panted in my face for a good deal of the time. Poor baby! She shook and panted for a long time. I think she’ll sleep a great deal today.

Even though I’m retired, spent a lot of time in meetings today. Lots of time. And feel like I’m on an exercise wheel for hamsters. It feels as if the past few days have been running over and over and over the same topic. I think it’s time for something new and different. Have you ever felt like that? I might work on my grandson Cody’s little hedgehog picture for his room. The first photos we had of him, his reddish brown hair stood straight up. It was pretty long, too. His Mama said she tried to comb it, but it just keeps sticking straight up It’s adorable. And he’s always got a smile. We should be more like Cody!

When it’s rainy like last night, I think of this beautiful song by Lena Horne. My dad had a huge crush on her, I think. I don’t blame him. I remember a big deal being made about her being “part black.” Mixed race is no longer a big deal. What a shame she had to hide who and what she was. Dinah Shore was another woman of mixed race. She was an entertainer I remember as a child, too. Lena and Dinah were both very beautiful women. I cared not what race they were. Imagine if we had to hide our heritage from people.

Another thing I recall from childhood was people did have prejudices against Germans and Japanese. I believe that was solely due to WWII, and in a way, I can’t blame them. Those were terrible wars with a good outcome. Many, many men came home damaged. They hid it with alcohol often. Alcohol and a lot of anger. Admitting it was considered weakness, which was discouraged. Our Vietnam Vets were spat upon, ridiculed and abused. They coped with alcohol and/or drugs. Very slowly, the attitude of our citizens changed. Our young Veterans are supported in ways the Vietnam Vets could only dream of. I am so glad our soldiers now have the support they do.

We have outgrown some of our prejudices, and we need to grow beyond others. It’s a continuing process, and we are nowhere near where we should be with diversity, inclusion and equality. Equal opportunities abound; Equal results depend solely on the individual. Often, we have to go outside of our comfort zones to get a job or a raise. I had to leave a company I loved to make an instant $7K more than I was earning. Being a single Mom forced me to make different choices as the breadwinner. Child support was minimal in those days. I do not know how we made it back then. But we did. For that, I’m grateful.

As I work to get off the hamster wheel and enjoy the evening, know I appreciate your support. It’s a cool thing to see. One of these days, we will be announcing the kid book is at the printers! Cartney needs to do her magic, and that’s what we’re waiting on right now. All things in due time. Hope you have a wonderful evening. Take care, Be kind, and do something nice for someone else. You will be rewarded. See you tomorrow!

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