Wednesday, the Middle of the Week

We certainly look forward to our Friday’s in America, don’t we? Somehow, we villianize Monday, glorify Friday, and don’t think too well of Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am grateful to still be breathing and living another 24 hour period. I don’t want the rest of my life to pass any quicker than it will, I will love every day as an opportunity.

I visited Mom this morning. She’s injured her foot, and is wearing a boot. The doctor never followed up with her, and she doesn’t know what she’s to do now. Tomorrow, she’ll have her cleaning lady dial the phone, and she’ll ask about it. I was tasked with calling different places to see who may groom cats. Her cat looks like a wild animal, and she can’t groom him herself anymore. I would have rather called the doctor!

Even when we need to leave a relationship (file for divorce), change jobs, or move away for our own safety, well-being, sanity, or safety, we can have some feelings of fear and trepidation. We don’t want to follow through, even if we know it’s for our own good. We’re scared. We don’t want to take such a risk. Old age is an example of fear at changing something in your life.

Fear of change, the unknown, and being out of control is at work in each of us. We need to keep those negative behaviors at bay, especially in old age. For instance, Mom has lived in the neighborhood since 1949. The atmosphere has changed dramatically. The house if far too large for one person and a cat. She does have a stair lift to allow for safety going upstairs and downstairs. She has accepted the fact she needs to stay out of the basement. No stairlift there, she has her cleaning person do the laundry. Thank goodness!

Mom’s goal is stay home until she dies. She’s reasonably healthy, her vision is her main problem. And her hearing. And getting around is tougher. I’ll be surprised if she’s still in the house at Christmas time. She may fool all of us. And I hope she does. I just want her safe. It was a different kind of visit today. She was genuine, nice, positive and grateful. That will probably change next time. We are not especially close. To show myself where we will probably remain, distant but in each other’s lives, today I wore a top I have of a white dandelion, with some fronds falling. I also just received a pair of earrings I ordered online. They are small plastic balls with Dandelion seeds in them.

I’m reading the book “just dandy,” by Sandra Swenson. It’s about living with Heartache and Wishes. It’s another Hazeldon Book. The author had an addict child, and was always bailing him out. Her point of view no matter how badly things are for people around you, you can say you’re “just dandy” and usually mean it. It takes a tremendous amount of work. Hard work.

I’m trying to learn to forgive some things from long ago. My character in the novel has to do the same thing. Coincidence? Not really, but my female main character learns and grows as she becomes able to forgive. It’s a hard thing to learn. It’s hard to practice. And it’s not for the other person we do it. It’s for ourselves. Why carry hatred, grudges, or animosity? They become quite heavy and cumbersome. A lifetime of it will weigh you down, your heart, and damage your soul. Release it. Let the wind take it away.

Prayers help immensely. We gain so much from learning to be positive. Try it, you might like it! See you tomorrow, I hope you have a pleasant evening. We are going to the VFW with our friends. Be Safe. Be Happy. Be Grateful. Be Positive.

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