Fun Stuff

I remember playing “dress up” as a little girl. Some of Mom’s old clothes, belts, scarves, hats, and low heels. I’d play for hours. When I was finished, all the stuff from my imaginary grown up closet was stashed in a box on the front porch until I played again. I’ve aways liked fashion, from drawing and designing outfits on paper, coloring them, and eventually sewing nearly all of my own clothes. It came in handy when I was working and a single Mom.

I loved making the kids’ Halloween costumes, it was so much fun. Nicholas, my younger son, went as a mouse one year. His hat was grey, and it had big, floppy ears. He had the hugest brown eyes, and he was very shy. It fit his personality to a “T.” One year, he went as a carrot. Yes, a carrot. He had a vivid imagination. Still does.

When I think of the number of things a person’s hands can do, it amazes me. From the time we are born, they are in motion. Remember seeing a baby look at their own hands, and holding their feet while laying on their back? It’s remarkable what we learn in a lifetime. Coordination of eye-hand is vital to doing everything. Eat. Pray. And yes, Love.

On the way to growing up, I experimented with nail polish. Mom bought AVON from a friend of hers, but I didn’t dare get into her makeup! We wouldn’t be talking if I would have. After I married and had a family, I didn’t think much about doing my nails but did wear makeup every day. I suppose being raised in the 60s made that seem kind of frivolous. And I didn’t like how I looked without makeup. The polish seemed to take forever to dry. Even now, once in awhile I’ll get a pedi. Now it just feels nice to be kind to my feet. I have a hard time keeping polished fingernails. I seem to smudge it or chip it, and have been known to ruin a manicure before I leave the shop. Wow. Can’t take me anywhere.

I tried Jamberry’s and built a good stock, but found them pretty time consuming. I spend some money on them, and just ran across them today. For fun, I put some on this morning. I have yet to use the hair dryer on them to activate the adhesive. Of course I picked a weird pattern. Polka Dots. We’ll see how long they last. I’ve also acquired the new Color Street nails, and true to myself, have many jewel tones. I’m going to use them all up instead of letting them gather dust and dry out. Color Street are actual real polish. What a great idea. I should be good to these hands.

These hands have held my dad’s hand while crossing the street, a boys hand while on a date, and my babies tiny hands. They’ve felt luxurious fabrics on the bolt, planted countless flowers and plants, cleaned endless hours, and washed a ton of dishes. They’ve cooked meals for my family, held the Babe’s hand while I was having a needle biopsy to see if I had breast cancer, (I did), and held the Babe’s hand while he struggled after his open heart surgery. They’ve held beautiful grandkids, held books to read to little ones, built Lincoln Log Cabins, and have countless projects always ready. Hopefully, it’ll lead to finishing more of these projects.

A moment I look forward to with great anticipation is the moment I open my box of books and finally, after a lifetime, hold something I wrote in my hands. What a thrill that will be! I hope many of you will hold it in your hands, too. There will be plenty for everyone!

Whatever you do today, I hope you stop and think about your hands and what they do for you. Be grateful they work, and marvel at how God created us. He sure knew what he was doing. We all have a lot to be thankful for. Find yours! Make some good memories today and have a beautiful afternoon! See you tomorrow.

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