Memories – 2002

In going through some old writing I had from grief seminars with the Centering Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska, I found a couple things I’ve held onto. It would have been in about 2002, when I turned 50 years old. A huge mark in a person’s life, but for me it was the dawning of some premature events.

I went on disability at 48, I was unable to continue working due to the condition of my spine. I continued working for five years, and just couldn’t physically handle sitting all day anymore. My work place was more than accommodating. The Babe and I were married about four years. He told me I didn’t have to work. It never dawned on me to quit.

The header photo is a collage I made of my feelings in 2002, depicting how I felt about being placed on LTD. It was very hard to adjust to. I’d been working for twenty years, got an education while raising my kids, bought my own home, and climbed the corporate ladder. I was approaching where I would get to have the time of my life. And my career ended. All the words dealt with my medical issue, which you “couldn’t see.” “Doing What I Love?” I hadn’t thought of anything. ” I am data,” spoke to there being no data on someone recovering from what I had. I was written up in medical journals, complete with a digital photo of my arachnoid cyst squeezing my spinal cord. The pain was unbelievable. And for the big 5-0? I went on MEDICARE, for crying out loud. Fifteen years early. I was embarrassed. I certainly did not look 65. I felt I had no control over anything. I finally learned to grieve properly about that loss, and adjust to my new life. Thank you, Joy Johnson Brown and Dr. Mary Hansen! You ladies have taught me so much about living.

There was a session about expressing grief. It was through poetry. As nearly as I can remember, I must have written a poem about My Dad’s Hands. I’ll leave you with these thoughts.


Big, Outstretched, and Warm

I always felt safe

When Dad reached down

and took my small hand in his.

Crossing the street

Into the Doctor’s Office

Upstairs a million steps to the dentist’s smelly office

I knew he would protect me.

As I grew, I noticed

the nicotine stained fingers,

the Pressman’s ink,

the Mechanic’s grease,

and I saw some of his many talents.

His beautiful signature

The thousands of books he’d read

The golf clubs he treasured

The grandchildren he’d held after

He was sure they wouldn’t break.

How cold and small they seemed

With the IV’s inserted

As that modern plague Cancer

Sucked the breath from his lungs,

But not the love for him from my heart.

It’s HUGE!

The snow is falling with a velocity I remember from Childhood. And we would walk to school in it, and walk home. When we got to the busy street with stoplights, there were mounds of snow the plows left that were packed down hard. You had to climb up them, then down the other side. Some times, they could be two or three feet high. Seriously.

I remember the nuns cautioning us about standing on top of those snow mounds while waiting for a red light to change. “Don’t do it!” they cautioned. “You could slip and fall under a moving car.” Great. One more thing (that could happen) to be afraid of. Luckily, we never saw that happen. (Cue a sigh of relief).

I remember how cold it was. The girls wore uniforms that were navy jumpers and a white blouse. Of course, we wore boots. As seventh and eighth grade came around, we thought we were too cool to wear boots. Mom usually won. They just invented the boots girls could wear without shoes, and I wanted some.

Overshoes were so cumbersome. But you know, they were the most sensible. My dad wore them. Mom had some that would go over her high heels. I was amazed at that. I outfitted my kids with overshoes, boots, whatever you could get them to wear when they were little. Yes, all kids have rubbery legs as you try to hog-tie them to put boots on. Their legs go limp, they can’t push their foot into the boot, no matter how you manipulate their foot. Once you get them to stiffen their leg, not bending their knee, it was easier. Then the best invention of all.

I learned about them from my Aunt Lois. She was better than June Cleaver. She had six kids, a police officer husband, and probably a pet dog or chicken, depending on what the kids dragged home from school (Paula – you know you did)! Her younger kids were only a few years older than my kids. Those kids have grown up into some of the best people I’ve ever known. Kudos to the Conrad family of Orchard Avenue! Her hand me down clothes from Mike and David were a Godsend!

I remember being a single mom during blizzards. If we didn’t make an attempt to get to work, we would not be paid. Period. I always made it. Many of the women I worked with had their husband’s bring them, and would be picked up later. I carried the snow shovel in the back of the Pontiac Station Wagon I got in the divorce. I used it more than once. And, being young, I wore high-heeled leather boots and was pretty styling. I bought them in the spring of probably 1984. They were beautiful and lasted forever.

No, I didn’t wear short skirts. Always knee length or longer. Appropriate office wear. Very different from what is worn now. We didn’t know what a casual day was. Now, it seems many offices are beyond business casual. Times change so much.

I’m going to make a hot cup of tea and go sit in my recliner and look out at the snow. I find watching it rather soothing and beautiful. It’ll make for a lot of good moisture for our yard. I love the four seasons and hope you are all safe and warm today. Being retired offers so many good things. It’s nice home with the Babe and the dogs. Goldie loves the snow, and wonders why we don’t stay out with her constantly. Silly girl.

Take care of yourself today. Be kind. Be Thoughtful. Check on your neighbor, especially if you’re snowed in. Send your kids to shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway. It’s the right thing to do. Great exercise, too. I’m researching today. Compensation for illustrators. Anyone know the subject? Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, Sunday

Hello, hope you’re all well this fine Sunday night. We’re expecting some major snow in the next few days. Tomorrow, after 4 a.m., it’s supposed to snow heavily, as much as one inch an hour. That’s pretty substantial. Planning on staying home, and the Babe is too. We’ll cozy up at home and call it good.

Goldie passed with flying colors again today, being left out of her kennel while we were away today. I know she’s not going to eat anything, and she and Lexie were both happy when we got home. (But when are they not?)

I’m nearly finished with All Things In Time, by Sue Buyer, the 92 year old first time author. Ms. Buyer was a professional writer her whole career, but never wrote actual reporter stories at the newspaper she worked for. This was common for women during the 1950s and 1960s, when women commonly left their job as soon as their pregnancies “showed.” Rarely did they return after giving birth. Ms. Buyer had an interesting view of a lot of human stories during her time at the newspaper. Some are combined with other stories, making her novella a step back in time. I’m enjoying it.

All the information I’ve read about succeeding in any creative endeavor contains a lot about being persistent. That is good advice. I don’t think there is any creative person who isn’t. Not one who has succeeded. Some days it’s hard. I’ve taken almost two months off from actively writing new pages for my novel, and I feel like a schlep. I’ve been feverishly busy about other aspects of writing and publishing, but not actively writing feels like I’ve abandoned it. Not so. Time to change that mindset right now.

Tomorrow is our day to be finished arranging the boxes of Christmas decorations in the storage room, and it should be one of a few things we finish tomorrow. The Babe finally can use the snowblower, and since he’s losing weight, he can shovel too, unless he gets out of breath. Then it’s time for nitro and the couch. He’s enjoying helping the neighbors out, even though we don’t need to get out and go anywhere.

You all take care, be safe if you live where it’s going to snow a lot. Cold, wind, and blowing snow is no joke. Ice either. Stay home if you can. Have a beautiful night and a great day tomorrow. We’ll see each other then. Thank you for reading.

The Listening Path

At 5 p.m. CST, I’m joining a free class by Julia Cameron. She is the Godmother of Creativity from what I’ve read about her. She is a best selling author, poet, songwriter, filmmaker, and playwright. She has penned over forty books. It’s an impressive resume. For some reason, I’m late to this party. But glad I’m here, nonetheless.

Sometimes I get bogged down with all the creative interests I have. I don’t know what exactly to work on. I want to do it all. I’ve already put “learning to draw and paint” on the back-burner. In fact, I removed all the new supplies I purchased from my studio office and put into storage in the basement family room. I wanted to do art this year. Maybe later.

Finishing my children’s book became “urgent” to me after New Year’s Day this year. It’s a story about our grandson Gavin and our puppy Roxie. It is full of life lessons and hope. Everyone needs to have hope, and especially children. It’s very exciting to know something Cartney McGuigan and I are creating will help children. It can help children understand some hard things about life. Yes, and give them hope, too.

Ms. Cameron’s new book, “The Listening Path – The Creative Art of Attention” sounds as if it will be very interesting and be sound advice to apply to life itself. It is a free class, you can register on Julia Cameron’s website or Facebook page, I believe. I need to get all of this creativity together and out of my mind, heart, and belly, and get it on pages, canvas, fabric, and wherever else it needs to go. Sharing it with the world gives comfort, joy, peace, and all the things we need as humans. Even if people thing they don’t care for art, they are influenced by it. They like it or hate it, but it evokes feelings.

I know during hard times throughout my life, I need to be creating something. Before I started writing, it was quilting. I really want to get some quilting squeezed into my life. The problem is getting my crooked spine to cooperate with me. It prohibits my sitting very long, either at the desk, writing, or at the sewing machine, stitching. The writing is on the front burner right now, and I will see it through.

Speaking of not sitting very long, my MRI showed nothing I didn’t already know, and feel on a daily basis. The neurosurgeon said if there were to be any surgery, he’s sure he could not do it. It would be stabilizing my spine, and straightening the scoliosis, which would require a lot of hardware. He’s not sure if anyone could rebuild me. And if they could it would be several years regaining strength and stability. The lower spine is compromised from stenosis (moderate to severe), and arthritis in the severe stage, too. I told him at my age it would be foolish to try and have it fixed. He said he agreed. God will help me continue. I pray for a positive attitude every day. I think most days, God blesses me with one.

It’s so hard to pick when you love a lot of things. I just have to keep going, every day do something! It will all settle down. I’ve recently joined a page called, “Rage Against the Manuscript.” Of course, the title piqued my curiosity. Steff Green is an author, and a “call it as I see it” woman. She’s young, tends toward the Gothic look, has numerous tattoos, and is a good author. She hails in New Zealand. I’m not sure how I came across her, but she talks a lot of sense to me. I need to read all her ideas about “Raging Against the Manuscript.” I like her style. You can always learn something from people who are different from you. Your world becomes bigger simply by listening. Thanks, Dad!

For today, it’s going to snow. I’m putting my snowman collection out for fun. I used to put them out at Christmas, but it’s nice for January, too. I have some winter-themed plaques, and they brighten the rooms with optimism. I like that.

Stay warm and safe today. Thank you for reading. We’ll see each other tomorrow, but later in the day. The Babe and I have a meeting at the VFW, so it’ll be later in the day I think. Help someone out today. They’ll be grateful and you’ll feel good. Make our world better. We can all make a difference!

It’s a Great Friday!

It’s a celebration today, the Babe went to the cardiologist and was one of only two patients in the past year who didn’t gain weight. What an elite group to be part of! I’m proud of him for sticking to the Keto diet and being strong enough to skip Christmas cookies and candies. We have two dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies leftover from our giveaway to the neighbors, and they’re going to go in the freezer. Way to go, Babe!

Since we would only be gone a couple hours, I left Goldie out of her kennel. I think she and Lexie played the music too loud while we were away. Nothing was eaten up, tipped over, or scattered about, so I believe they were good. She is certainly old enough to be left out of the kennel, but I hope she and Lexie don’t get into a tussle while we’re away. Baby steps, for sure. Goldie kind of hangs her head when we close her kennel door at night. I might try leaving her kennel open, so she doesn’t feel bad. I know. We pet owners can be ridiculous.

Bernie Sanders is certainly a character for the ages. The Internet is full of new Bernie Memes, complete with his chair and mittens. Guys got to dress for the elements! No time to be fashionable! How funny! I have to say on another Inaugural topic, the “fashions.” We finally have a woman holding one of the two top offices, and we still have a huge fashion report. Kind of strange, and I doubt it will ever change. I truly don’t think there is any more elegant woman than Laura Bush. She has a beautiful manner, and her demeanor is kind, in my opinion.

I’m currently reading a book called, “All Things in Time,” by Sue Buyer. Sue Buyer is well over 90 years old, and after being a professional writer her whole life, she has written her first novella. She was a Vassar College and Columbia Journalism School graduate. She writes about her observations at a large-circulation metropolitan newspaper.

Of course I was drawn to the story once I heard this was her first book, at 92, I believe. She worked in an era when women didn’t work away from the home. She was ahead of her time with her thinking and lifestyle. It is only 114 pages long, I’m sure I’ll finish it today. I’m enjoying her writing and storytelling.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

It’s a chilly 27 degrees outside this afternoon. I’m feeling like having a nice, hot cup of tea to enjoy while reading a little while. It will be a great way to spend the rest of the afternoon. I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your day. Thank you for reading today, be kind, and see you tomorrow!

A Sigh of Relief

On this Thursday, I can tell you I feel a sigh of relief. I believe it’s from the Inauguration being over, (with no riots or issues), and that the color purple needs to reflect how we are. United. Kind of like the children’s book I told you about yesterday, “Mixed – A Colorful Story,” by Arree Chung of the Storytellers Academy.

I love purple. It has so many shades and hues; it allows for a lot of mixing. I look good in purple, too. Silvering hair has its advantages. I feel purple-ish inside. Some of it is from the bruising the media inflicts on our psyche, constantly hammering away. I love to escape all of that into my world of creating. I need the noise to go away. That’s where music comes in. I’m listening to Kevin Costner’s Modern West again today, it’s just a bunch of wonderful stories in his songs and pleasant music. Storytelling has enveloped my life.

I’m having fleeting thoughts like, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if” and some random idea runs through my mind. I need to write them down, because I think there will be another children’s book ruminating in my brain. I love to think back to the things my kids loved to read about. Lovable Lyle, the Crocodile comes to mind. It was so cute. I remember it crushed Lyle when some people didn’t like him. It was devastating to him. And he learned to cope with it. Great story and great art.

Photo by Sofia Alejandra on

I think a lot of the feeling I’m having today is hope the world can calm down now, despite the Pandemic. I feel like I did when the Babe and I bought our first house together, and moved to a better neighborhood. I had lived in a house with my kids’ next door to a really awful neighbor, with lots of stress from the situation. The guy was a drug dealer, alcoholic, and loved to fight with people, usually after the bars closed. He and his girlfriend had three kids together who roamed the neighborhood. The kids became wards of the state. The meth-addicted girlfriend left.

Once an experience like that is over, you can realize how not stressed you are. Then you realize what they have subjected you to for a lot of years. Since I was a single mom, I was afraid of him and his crazy friends. There was a lot of unscrupulous stuff going on. Normal people have to get up and go to work every day. You can’t be awakened by loud music and arguing night after night and still be rested the next day. It’s tedious. It’s maddening. It’s uncalled for.

As we go forward, let’s all be purple. Let’s play nice. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. Let’s give others a chance. Be kind. Be gentle, especially with yourselves. Stand tall and proud of who you are. Live a life that is a good example to a child. Be safe. Thank you for reading today, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Inauguration Day, 2021

Good morning, folks. Here at the Home Office in Gretna, Nebraska, we are sorting things out to prioritize tasks today. We probably won’t get much done because of the Inauguration on TV. I believe whoever is elected is our president for the next four years. Man or woman, Catholic or not, Democrat or Republican. I believe in giving the new president a chance. They all deserve that. Let’s not grouse about it, let’s pray for the best. That’s what I’m going to do. Please join me.

I told you yesterday I’d share some photos of Arree Chung’s book, “Mixed.” It is a book every American should read. He shared his story about writing the book. He has a pretty good racially mixed family. All colors, all shapes, heritage, etc. He boils it all down in the simple story of three colors; Yellow, Blue, and Red. They all had their own towns. The peacefully coexisted until one day, Red bragged they were the best. Yellow and Blue disagreed. They separated further. Some colors said, “Colors should not mix.” How sad.

It seems Yellow discovered they felt better around Blue, who was calm. Blue felt brighter when they were around Yellow. They mixed and created GREEN! A new color! How wonderful! Soon more colors mixed, creating a rainbow! They rebuilt the three separate towns into one.

It’s a lovely story. Let’s all hear what it’s message is. Let’s take the message and share it. Let’s remember, we are Americans first, and we need to allow for that first. Let’s forgive and learn from what’s come before. Let’s work on things together. We will accomplish so much more that way.

Today, for me it’s more catching up on videos. I didn’t get there yesterday. There’s always today. Slow but sure, I’ll get there. It’s a privilege of age, I think, to take more than one day to complete something. When you finish, it’s all good. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Let’s all start today, let’s be more kind, more inclusive, more thoughtful. Let’s go forward in peace, not rehashing the past, that will only make life ugly. Let’s remember our strong, resilient country. I still get chills when I hear the Star Spangled Banner sung. Unfortunately, you need to page down to get to her video. Lady Gaga, you did us proud. Let’s make the same new start our leaders are getting. It’s worth it in the long run. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday at the Home Office

Happy Tuesday Afternoon!

It’s been a very strange day. I took Mom to her bank to move money around. She had an appointment with the person who does those things. We arrive, he was ill. She was upset. She gets agitated easily when things don’t go according to plan. She can’t handle surprises well anymore. She is home a lot, and she’s safest there. Not only do you have COVID-19, we also have extreme fall risk, some pride, and lots of stubbornness. It’s quite a combination. I’m glad I have the determination of both of my parents. Mom’s more of a steamroller; Dad was more of a prepare for the worst and be glad when it doesn’t happen. I’m more like Dad, but I can steamroll if needed.

So gets in the Branch Manager’s office, and handles first things first. Getting what she needed; then the paperwork; then the receipts. The money she had to “move” was probably unnecessary; as the account had special checks, which I’m sure are negotiable to write to a vendor, but she insists no. OK, Mom. Whatever you say. It probably didn’t have to be this hard, but it’s done, that’s all that mattered.

Mission Accomplished! We get back to the car, and she asked to sit there for a little bit so she could “collect herself.” The Babe’s Mom would say, “I need to get organized.” Little old ladies are so cute. They’re insistent on some things and other things don’t matter anymore. We went to Walgreens, and the only thing there was the “usual” toilet paper display at the front of the store was replaced by a paper towel display. I paid no attention to what she bought, but the cashier told her it wasn’t toilet paper. She felt terrible, and I didn’t watch what she was doing.

She said she felt terrible being such a mess. It’s confusing when she’s out, and I’m glad she does as well as she does. It could be a whole different game in six months. My brothers and me, we’re ready for whatever happens. I hope God’s good to her.

Tomorrow will be a big day for her, the stair lift will be installed. Like many older people, she’s not good with remotes. I hope it’s not a hassle for her. Practice. Just needs patience, which she’s not too good at with new stuff. Life is full of mysteries, isn’t it?

You work hard your whole life, and your kids leave. Your empty nest is fun for awhile, then if you have grand kids, you get to watch them grow up, then they go on and live their lives. You see them less often, too, it’s important for them to stretch their wings. And you kind of wait around to see what the next chapter has. You’re too vital and interested in life to sit and do nothing. That’s where I’m so glad to be creative. There are so many things I love and am good at, it’s hard to choose a hobby of the day. Right now, it’s writing. And watching videos. I have more to finish up with, and will do that. There are many interesting ones to catch up on and share with Cartney, my illustrator. I even purchased a book Arree Chung wrote, “Mixed.” It’s a beautiful book. The photos match the story so well. If you have young kids, this is a must have. It explains mixed race marriages in a wonderful way. Hat’s off to you, Arree! I’ll have a photo tomorrow, my devices aren’t synching right now.

We are on duty today to pick up addison from school soon. It’s nice to see her and hear how her day went. The Babe found some old photos on his phone this morning from when she was in first and second grade. Wow. She’s a young woman now, no longer a little girl! Time. It flies too damned fast.

Be safe out there. I’m praying for a safe Inauguration Day tomorrow. Regardless of anything else, we will all have a new president and vice president. I hope he is well enough to withstand the stress of the office. My prayers are especially for all law enforcement and military who are keeping the peace tomorrow. May the crowd have respect and be ruled by sensibility. God Bless the USA! See you tomorrow.

Awesome Monday Morning

I’m listening to Kevin Costner and Modern West. There are many songs that are perfect for the long, loving relationships, marriages, friendships. It’s where I find myself right now with the Babe. True Companions. “The One.” Being my protector, the one who helps me rise above the negativity in life. A true heart. I can protect him, too. From negativity, from himself, as he does for me. We’re so lucky to have this life together. I’ve been encouraged to go for my dream by this man. He may not understand it totally, but he’s on board for the duration.

This is a shot in the arm for my energy, in addition to losing about 20 pounds. We’re still doing Keto, and doing well. For me, I know it will be a slow but steady process. The whole point is to end up healthier, and it’s easy for us to keep going. I’m hoping for the longevity my Grandma Jewell had; she lived to 97. She was such a beautiful woman. Her heart was pure gold.

I told a little backstory yesterday about the craziness going on while I was trying to write the blog announcing Cartney McGuigan as my illustrator. The whole thing just came together, and I believe we all have opportunities that are golden, right in front of us. We have to be open to them; no idea is a crazy one; they’re ideas. They can be expanded and made into things that are not only possible but become vital to pursue. That is how I feel about writing. This whole prospect of possibilities makes me so happy!

I know I’m late, but our goal this week is to thoroughly clean the house while packing away all the Christmas decorations. So far, the tree is stowed, so we’re going well. The ornaments are all on the kitchen table, they’ll be put away later today. Having all the time in the world is helpful when you can only do so many things in a day. I always overestimate what we can accomplish, but never give up. We do what’s most important to us as a couple, and that is spend time with each other. Sure, we get grumpy at each other, but we’ve both learned what’s important and what isn’t. It saves a lot of petty disagreements most people have. It just isn’t worth it.

Next week, we go for sorting everything to do our income tax. That will be a wildebeest that needs taming. Seriously. Every year, I believe in my heart I will absolutely keep better track of our receipts, documentation, the whole thing. Every year, I have a box and desk like this:

Maybe next year I won’t do this again. LOL. Mom always says I had my father’s filing system genes. Oh well. I could have inherited worse!

It is snowing lightly outside my window. They are pretty flakes, that seem to be melting on contact. The view is nice, and I feel a warmth in my heart that I want to keep burning forever. It’s contentment, it’s satisfaction after creating. Any creative person can tell you what it is. It’s the feeling I used to get after expertly tailoring a suit for my business career; it’s the feeling I get after completing a beautiful quilt; it’s the feeling I have when I write. You made that thing; you wrote those words, you created those bridesmaid’s dresses, you created with ideas that filled your mind. It’s a purpose in life for some people. It makes others happy, too. It’s there for the sharing.

Thank you for reading today. I have a bunch of ornaments to wrap, stow, and some more instructional videos to watch and share with Cartney. Hope to get caught up and on the right track to have everything in order to allow for some more creativity. Quilting is calling to me right now.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on

Let’s all be kind to one another. How we behave in the next couple weeks can determine where we as a country will go in the future. I pray it’s a good path, I pray it’s a peaceful path, I pray it’s a kind and loving path. Let’s do our part. I’ll see you tomorrow!

LLC Name Blues!

Good morning from the Home Office in Gretna, NE! In all my excitement to introduce you to my illustrator, Cartney McGuigan, I had some backstory going on here that I find humorous enough to share.

As I started with my heart afire, I couldn’t download/convert a file to jpg. No problem! I checked for an extension to do that, found two. They worked, but you could only see a curl of Cartney’s hair. No time to waste. Kate sent me a jpg version, and we were off to the races. Until.

Until Lexie, my staff-member, decided she had to be sick. Right on my office rug. My fun pop of color in the room – my white background rug with colorful buttons on it. She was sick several times over about thirty minutes. Poor Lexie!

Poor Lexie!
She Couldn’t Help It!

Needless to say, I am delighted to be working with Cartney McGuigan on the project, “Roxie, What Are You Doing?” I know she will capture what I’m looking for in the artwork. It’s the most important part of a picture book. My words will change according to the visual story. I can hardly wait to work through this process with her. I most appreciate the fact we are two creative people, choosing to work together. Age is not a factor, it’s the love of creating moving us forward. How lucky we were to find each other!

On another note I find rather humorous, I heard from my attorney handling the establishment of my LLC. The name I chose, “Eureka Publishing Company, LLC,” is most likely too similar to the “Eureka Writing Company, LLC,” which calls Lincoln, Nebraska home. Dang! That was such a great name. For all my “Eureka” moments. Ok, so it can’t be that hard to find a name, can it? Well, here we go down this rabbit hole!

OMG! Publishing LLC – a religious publication company in US

Late Bloomer Publishing LLC- already taken elsewhere in US.

Never Too Late Publishing LLC – ditto

Take the Plunge Publishing LLC – a lingerie company in the US

Watch This! Publishing LLC – a shipping company in the US

Creative Soul Publishing LLC – already exists in US.

Roxie Publishing LLC – Exists in Ohio

Grateful Publishing Company LLC – Grateful Owl Publishing Co LLC – exists in US

Home Office Publishing Company LLC – Real Estate in US

Never Did This Before Publishing Company – Never Before Publishing LLC in US

First Time LLC – Exists in US

Just Do It LLC – Nike

Life IS Publishing LLC – Already exists in US

Fresh Ideas Publishing LLC – Food & recipe company in US

Shadow Publishing LLC – Already exists, publishes Horror genre in US

Sunshine Publishing LLC – Already exists in US

I came down to three choices;

Raabe Ranch Publishing Co, LLC – I jokingly call our large lot that has a wetlands behind it “Raabe Ranch” since it’s so big for the dogs to run.

Kathy Raabe Publishing Co, LLC – Kind of boring, I think. But a possibility.

Jewell Publishing Co, LLC – Eureka! How simple. Why didn’t I think of this first? It’s my maiden name, my family name. My dad was a pressman at our newspaper, we all learned so much about the business just from hearing conversations at home. This honors Dad, who always encouraged me, and gives credit to where I came from. A blue collar, working class home. The best. Thanks again, Dad!

Cross your fingers the Nebraska Secretary of State doesn’t reject this name. We’ll have another cause for celebration when the LLC is established. It’s a legal protection for our personal assets. I will write more than one book. More kids books, and back to my novels for sure.

The coming week will see all the Christmas decorations being put away. I wasn’t ready to be rid of the beautiful lights in the evenings by the fire. They’re so pretty. I suppose it’s time. I save the snowman collection until January – March for display. Cute, and it fills up those spaces so they’re not so empty. The Babe is a big help to me, since I’m not supposed to carry heavy stuff, and all that. He is so patient. I’m blessed, and so is he!

Off to wrap and stow decorations. And watch Kansas City vs. the Cleveland Browns. It should be a great game.

Life holds so many possibilities. Go out and grab one for yourself! Thank you for reading today. More adventures tomorrow!