“Play Ball!”

Life repeats itself. Since Gavin was born, nearly nine years ago, his sister Addison has competed in dance competitions across the region. This weekend is no exception. Gavin asked if he could hang out with us instead of driving in the van with Addison and her team to Tulsa this weekend. I thought this was fitting.

LEFT: Grandpa giving Gavin his bottle. Note the Baseball!
RIGHT: Gavin having his second bowl of Frosted Flakes. Double header today.

So, eight years later, on the same weekend, we’re hanging out with Gavin. I may work a little around the house, then join the boys after the first game begins. It’ll be a perfect day for it. I get little done when he’s here. I don’t care; what I’m supposed to get done when he’s here is spend the time with him. What a job, I’m lucky to get to do it. Blessings all around.

Last night, he asked me if he could do Word Search on my phone. He’s such a smart kid, it impressed him I was on Level 633. He commented it was harder than it looked. I told him he was solving the grown-up Word Search, not the kid one. He brightened up immediately. I think this game is just as good as reading sometimes. It helps him learn and keeps my brain working. Win/Win for Grandson and Grandma!

I’m a little puzzled by the way I’ve been feeling lately. It appears when I’m in a creative and learning mode, I can have a lot of understanding and enlightenment about my writing, my business, all the marketing involved, and I’m full of energy. I feel like I could slay dragons after those sessions. And then, I may go sit where the heating pad can comfort my twisted muscles and spine. Within twenty minutes or so, I’m exhausted and get nothing done the rest of the day. Do other creatives experience this? If you do, help a girl out and drop me a message or comment here. I’m perplexed why this happens and wonder if it’s from creating?

There is so much talk (and I believe it) creativity is like giving birth. I know that was very tiring and rewarding. I expect publishing my kids’ books will be, too. Right now, I have some house projects that need to be finished. Other things do, too. And yet, I need to have a day or two for a quilt I’m itching to work with. It’ll all work out. It always does.

As I continue along reading the book by musician Ben Folds, “A Dream About Lightning Bugs,” I marvel at the way his creative mind works. He tells of creative visualization and how it resonated with him. Eureka! Maybe that’s what I’m doing. As he says, “results fueled by temporary delusion.” That makes me laugh, but it’s true. He describes visualizing what isn’t currently happening as making you a little crazy. And being crazy zaps energy. Eureka! Could that be why I’m so drained after writing and learning every morning? Working towards what you visualize “scratches the itch.” Makes perfect sense to me. With my birthday in a few weeks, it couldn’t be from age, could it? Hmmmm. Be careful how you answer that!

If you’d like to read Ben Folds’ book, it’s “A Dream About Lightening Bugs,” and is available on Amazon, etc.

As we trek to the ball field again this Saturday, I’m grateful for much warmer weather today. Way better than last week was; no coats today. Shade and sunscreen are the order of the day. Thanks for reading, I hope you have a fabulous day. We will. Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Thoughtful. Let’s pay things forward or backward. Do something for someone. You’ll feel great. See you tomorrow.

A Brighter Saturday

For many creative people, honing in on one solitary project is hard. It is for me. There is a problem with creatives. We have too many ideas before we create something, and I, unfortunately have a tendency to go from project to project. Sometimes we’ll never get done. But I have to. My fellow quilters joke about large fabric stashes and unfinished objects, or UFO’s. Most likely, I’ll never finish everything I want to do.

While writing my children’s book (as Grandma Kathy), I see future possibilities for other stories teaching children to handle difficult situations. There could be a series in my future. See what I mean? I’m wondering if it’s ADD or if I’m just too full of ideas. Time will tell, I suppose.

A good book, very positive.

Dian Greisel writes about a lot of topics in her book, “The Silver Disobedience Playbook.” One I liked was “How to Ruin a Day.” It was quite a complete list for those who want to have a bad day. Demand perfection, Rigidity, Worry about what you can’t control, Overbook, Take everything you hear personally, Forget your sense of humor.

Ms. Greisel advises us to release our perfection goal, practice flexibility, stop worrying about what we can’t control, respect the hours of the day, learn some folks cannot get out of their own ways, they don’t know how to communicate, and smile and laugh. Be a drama queen; make everything a life or death situation; assume every scowl, comment, and action is against you.

If you are confronted by someone who insists on having a bad day, let them! Don’t let them drag you down into the pit. If you happen to live with them, I’m sorry! It is extremely difficult to have these folks around us while we try to be positive and have a good attitude. If you need to interact with them on your job (nursing, doctor, dentist, x-ray tech, or a store clerk, please know, they may not realize how they sound. Many times Mom doesn’t realize how she sounds. It’s sad. They’re angry they are aging rapidly and can’t stop it. They’re afraid or what is to come.

Just don’t let them be abusive to you. Kindly stop them from admonishing you when you need to stop them. Change the subject. We may be there before we know it. Prepare as well as you can; build a positive, happy life and attitude before it’s too late. Make it be part of your personality. Don’t take people on emotional roller coasters. They may not be “ride” people. I’m not. I refuse.

Let’s all go out there and have a positive weekend! Grass is greening up nicely, and the dandelions are back. They grow before everything else, and last longer than the last leaf on a tree. Nature is incredible when you observe it. Our deck is our favorite place in the summer, and the patio beneath it is a close second. I’m off to sort some boxes that need storing until next winter. Make more room for the Babe and his tools in the basement. The least I can do! Thanks for reading, I’ll see you again tomorrow! Be Kind out there.